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old Call of Duty mode beta by Loooser

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Call of Duty mode
It is time for the next version of my mode. This version has many new addons and changes.

This mode is like its name says the 2d version of the call of duty multiplayer series. It’s a mixture of cod 4 and cod modern warfare 2. But instead of writing a long text about this file I will tell you what it has .

> Streaks
> Level
> Slots
> Bots
> Healing system like cod
> Info

> 37 levels
> Many weapons, Extras unlockable
> Saving system for xp , level and unlocked weapons

> 3 Slots
> Every Slot has Primary, Secondary,Extra,Extra2 and Streaks to choose
> Build up your slot with the weapons you unlocked
> Create your individual slot

> has a great bot system
> each bot gets a different level with different weapons
> Bots can use the streaks too
> They eaven can build a sentry gun (turret)

> Info for new players
> info for each extra by saying !<extra name small>
> List of commands for admin

> Almost every streak of call of duty implemented
> Get extra xp for each streak
> Use the streaks for more kills
> Sounds for each killing streak for more cod feeling
> has the following streaks:
3 kills:
You get extra xp

4 kills:
Care package
You get ammo and hp

Counter UAV
Shakes players

6 kills:
Sentry Gun
You can build a turret. The Turret is moveable.

Predator Missle
You can hit a choosen player with a airstike

9 kills:
You can send a airstrike, on random x location

15 kills:
Harrier Strike
Big airstrike on random x

Attacks enemy’s on the map

18 kills:
Pave low
Simply a stromger heli which makes more damage

25 kills:
Tactical Nuke
Kills all player on the map and lets the users team win

If you want to know what has been changed here it is:
More >

•Special thanks to:
> Grandmyth
> GPolice
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4.93 mb, 1,275 Downloads


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good mod, but 5 mbytes of downloads makes the server to be lagful =|
I like it!


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Nice but ... Nothing, its nice
I like it!


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thnx looser very awesome
I like it!
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