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27.10.23 13:23:00
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Dear usnrealSoftware Community,
today I present you my newest and biggest CS2D Script yet.
Disclaimer >

∗Welcome to the VALO2D CS2D Lua Script Mod∗
This is a class script with unique abilities and game altering features.

Imagine the vanilla 5vs5 bomb defusual experience but in addition you can use 3 Abilities like in MOBAs.
The 3 Abilities are limited in following ways:
- Your Abilities (F2, F3, F4) have cooldown times and mana costs. (Mana, a ressource you gain over time)
- Abilities also can be casted maximal n times per round (it depends on the specific ability).
- Your Ultimate Ability (F4) has an additional ressource called Ult Points, gained per Kill

You still have to buy weapons with your money like in CS
You select 1 of 3 agent class when you join. More agents comming (maybe).
Each agent class has his own set of 3 unique abilities.

VALO2D uses an easy2edit agent class system editable for every evolving meta.
VALO2D enhances vanilla gameplay and uses commands like setpos& speedmod creativly to redefine gameplay suited for low spec PCs. Please rebind your Serveraction Hotkeys to more fitting keys.

Instead of meaningful screenshots you get meaningful youtube videos. I have added subtitles to explain the abilities:
Sniffer Agent Preview
Gnuk Agent Preview

F.A.Q. >

Special thanks to
∗ DC and the whole active US.de-community!

∗ MikuAuahDark for smart timers timerEx.txt
Downloaded at 02.10.23

∗ EngiN33R for smart menus unimenu.lua
Downloaded at 02.10.23
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05.11.23 02:23:39
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you should try the updated version of unimenu github.com/EngiN33R/cs2d-unimenu
28.10.23 02:19:43
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Id like you to not reupload a modded version onto UnrealSoftware.de (rather PM me and I can update this version with credits). If you host this, please notify me.
Im happy to help with LUA stuff too (Im not an artist or map designer as you can see).
If you have cool agent class ideas, that would be possible considering the CS2D limitation, I would like to hear them.

Edit: So yeah, do what ever you want
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28.10.23 01:12:00
like Ich mag es!
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wow ;o i like it.
I don't see copyright, that means that the community can work on it and perfect it, right @user Bowlinghead: ?
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