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Dear us S-Community,
this script is designed for bomb defusal mode.
This script lets you buy weapons for your teammates without the stress of going to their physical location and dropping the gun for them.

• Explanation •
If you are a poor team-member but expect a drop from your teammates then just ask for a weapon from the F2 weapons menu.
Then, if your teammates are willing to help, they can accept your drop order in the F3 menu. They still have to pay the normal price though! You will find your requested goods in your inventory.

This is designed to mimic the equivalent Valorant drop feature (not my video lol).
In Valorant you use left-click to buy the weapon and right-click to request a weapon. Sadly this does not work for CS2D so you still buy weapons normally in the vanilla buy menu. In order to request a weapon you have to press F2 (or F3 to answer that request)!

∗ Features ∗
• Use custom buy menus! (with cs2d cmd mp_buymenu)
• Drops are only allowed when vanilla criteria are met (you need to be in buytime, in a buyzone, the same team, have the gun´s money, not having a gun in the same slot already, etc).
• Team separated weapons (like AK47 and M4A1) can be separated. So if a CT orders an AK47 (e.g.) then the order will be swapped with an M4A1.
• Bots are able to buy the guns for you!

∗ Limitations ∗
• Maximum of nine (9) guns per cs2d cmd mp_buymenu group!
• Maximum of nine (9) drop requests at any given moment.
Duo to the limited menu-system. Expanding these limits is possible but most-likely not necessary

Changeable stuff >

Please make sure that your mp_buymenu is typed in correctly or fully empty (""). Please verify that: When loading the script, you will get some printed text infos about the buy menu. Make sure the data matches your expectations. Additionally, your custom mp_buymenu can NOT include more than 9 items per group.

If you find bugs, have suggestions or want certain features to be implemented then please comment below!
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I will give a like because it's a great idea and useful feature nonetheless.
21.09.23 15:34:42
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I won't give a like because it could have been done in a much better way.
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