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04.06.22 09:59:20
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I decided to recreate IRL Special Forces and Terrorist Forces as skins In-Game.

Skin List:
Phoenix Connection - Japanese Red Army
L337 Krew - Revolutionary Organisation 17 November (Also known as 17N)
Arctic Avengers - Atomwaffen Division
Guerilla Warfare - All Tripura Tiger Force

Seal Team 6 (DEVGRU) - Italian Special Intervention Group
German GSG-9 - Dutch Commando Corps
UK SAS - Irish Army Ranger Wing
French GIGN - Algerian Special Intervention Regiment

-A .txt file with instructions on how to get the skins into your game.
-Reskins for the Counter-Terrorists
-Reskins for the Terrorists

Things you can do with this:
-Use it √
-Modify it √
-Claim it as yours ×
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11.06.22 20:57:46
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Not much colours shades used and is good, but the difference between them is small so it looks kinda flat except the one on last preview image (everything there seem to be nice).

Can't say I like how it looks, but maybe it only my vision.
11.06.22 13:05:31
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u should have mit license in it. so if u're asset get stolen u can just gave them copyright strike. also greate script
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