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05.09.21 09:04:38
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Gamemode: Hostage Rescue

Story: After two weeks of silence from the Pueyrredón Manor, local police were sent to perform a wellness check. But sson found themselves under fire, the buidling has been blockaded and a team of Counter-Terrorists have been sent in to deal with the threat.

Map Includes:
-Toggleable Light Switches

-Three Hostages

-Main Floor and a Basement

-Hedge Maze
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3 Kommentare
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18.09.21 01:50:25
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Looks cool.
16.09.21 03:49:34
@user BcY:
Yeah, I left those in there since I was just grouping the related things to the map. I forgot to remove those.
16.09.21 01:47:52
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There is literally no need to include the map export and other screenshots to the pack.
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