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map de_ancient

> bomb defuse 5v5 map.
> This map is not 100% identical to the original CS GO map.
> de_ancient became a new competitive map in cs go, replacing the famous de_train map. Now he is available to play on cs2d.

× All the sprites and tileset used in creating this map were not made by me.
√ The architecture of the map was made by me.
√ Feel free to use this map on your server.

> Update 13/06/21
• The file has been reduced from 1.89MB to 307KB.
• The map has changed in width, now the map is more compact

∗ Credits ∗

Tested and final edits by @user mrc:


• @user 2Gen: 2Gen's 64x64 Mixed Tileset


• @user StirlizZ-Fapicon: grass1.png, grass2.png and white_rocks.png, de_cache.
• @user Jite: tarpbypiwi_2.png, piWi de_mirage_bp.
• @user smn: boarder.png, bspot_a.png, bspot_b.png and plant2.png, de_dust2. (original cs2d map).
• hud_arrow.bitmap (original cs2d sprite).
• @user claude: monkey.png, de_eldorado. (original cs2d map).
• SoB tree02.png, dm_guerilha. (original cs2d map).
• @user ImBack: plant.png, cs_italy (original cs2d map).
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