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05.04.21 01:00:48
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Long ago, I wanted to create something like this.

There is is a similar upload already, however, this one I believe is a much more modern coding as well as provides a bit more function for your needs and comes with a responsive design as well.

> Features:

• Built with TailwindCSS 2.0.3 (uses CDN)
• Hash generated by timestamp using SHA256 Encryption
• USGN & Accesskey Stored in cookies cookies
• Username
• Data (avatar, user mode, country)

> Requirements:
• Any webserver like nginx, Apache
• PHP 5.1.2+, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL hash >= 1.1
• Modern web-browser in case you using TailwindCSS

> Configuration:
Configure index.php:18 line to your own website/domain

> How can be used?

1. Users enter their USGN ID
2. They confirm ownership
3. Get redirected and authorized.

Users can logout using logout.php (which destroys cookies)

∗ Where possible USGN ID is fetched by cookies to save traffic ∗
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2 Kommentare
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16.04.21 08:38:27
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@user Skripter5000: It can be fixed easily, I might missed that part.
15.04.21 23:07:05
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this should not be used ; there is no check if the key is empty, because then the API will always return 1.
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