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05.04.21 01:00:48
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Long ago, I wanted to create something like this.

There is is a similar upload already, however, this one I believe is a much more modern coding as well as provides a bit more function for your needs and comes with a responsive design as well.

> Features:

• Built with TailwindCSS 2.0.3 (uses CDN)
• Hash generated by timestamp using SHA256 Encryption
• USGN & Accesskey Stored in cookies cookies
• Username
• Data (avatar, user mode, country)

> Requirements:
• Any webserver like nginx, Apache
• PHP 5.1.2+, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL hash >= 1.1
• Modern web-browser in case you using TailwindCSS

> Configuration:
Configure index.php:18 line to your own website/domain

> How can be used?

1. Users enter their USGN ID
2. They confirm ownership
3. Get redirected and authorized.

Users can logout using logout.php (which destroys cookies)

ADDED Checking if "accesskey" and "usgn" cookies are set for security reasons. Thanks for @user Skripter5000:
CHANGED The form now only allows numeric inputs.

∗ Where possible USGN ID is fetched by cookies to save traffic ∗
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16.04.21 08:38:27
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@user Skripter5000: It can be fixed easily, I might missed that part.

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15.04.21 23:07:05
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this should not be used ; there is no check if the key is empty, because then the API will always return 1.
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