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13.06.20 20:35:50
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Hello everyone! I wanted to make new map so I maked this, it took me 1 day.
Don't do × : Don't edit this map on public without my permission, Don't pretend it is your.
The file has now sfx and gfx in it, sorry if it didn't work how it was supposed before.
This map doesn't contain any script.
This map doesn't have any glitches (I tested it and I didn't saw any)
You can use this map in your server but with my knowledge!
Added+ This map has now bigger space to play!
I'm planning about using every space on the map (there are some places that have nothing in it), but now I'm chilling.
Map version: 1.2     
I hope you enjoy!
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3 Kommentare
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21.06.20 23:16:03
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It doesn't make sense to name your new map's version as 1.1, while your old one's version is 1.2. You're not supposed to do it in reverse. About the map, there's still a lot of waste of space and the map looks rushed and incomplete overall.
21.06.20 22:42:56
@user Xentaur_: You shouldn't judge me, you didn't even play the map, you are annoying me.
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14.06.20 11:50:26
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Good map
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