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17.01.20 09:08:43 pm
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° Information °
A simple cooperative map to play alone or with your friends! 1 - 4 players recommended! Three difficult modes, about +30 minutes of content.

This map requires LUA MAP enabled. You don't need to configure anything, just install and play! Don't forget to enable cs2d cmd mp_luamap to 1 to work! Open the "Read-me" file for more information.

Any feedback will be welcome! Is my map bad? Unbalanced? Unoptimized? Horrible code? You will help me to be a better developer! I didn't have the opportunity to test with someone, I don't know how multiplayer will work, report any problems! Thank you.

° Description °
A team of Black Ops is sent in order to eliminate the military personnel who, after being trapped by the xenians, are trying to find a weapon to annihilate them. Eliminate all survivors and stop the HECU from reaching the rescue point. The way there won't be easy...

° Gameplay°
On this map you are a little faster than normal, you must take advantage of this in combat or in bad situations. You can instakill soldiers with the knife (secondary attack), you can do it to save ammo, a must for hardcore mode. Items do not respawn, don't waste your supplies! Don't rush, take your time, be careful and don't let anyone escape with life. Hope you enjoy!

Hardcode Mode: You can unlock a secret room (with bonus stuff) and secrets to play the map again with new weapons! (this will reset when you exit). Talk with Barney at the lobby for more info!

flame This map does NOT include any mod, it's just a simple map with a simple script! It does NOT include any NPC mod nor anything like that!

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Changelog v1.32b >
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19.01.20 03:12:27 am
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@user crazy junkman Wolfgang:
@user LiME1516:
Thank you for the comments!

I'm fixing some problems and adding more stuff to it, thanks for the feedback! About the custom gfx, my plan is to finish this map using only the content included with the game, but of course I'll do it if I create more maps!
18.01.20 07:57:45 pm
like I like it!
Not bad for your first upload!
Keep an improving and try add more complexity, also more gfx and sfx wouldnt hurt too.
18.01.20 05:55:22 pm
like I like it!
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Looks good. I like it. Need more coop maps.
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