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08.10.18 04:46:33 am
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Hey ! This is my first map in difusal mode for CS2D

Hope you'll enjoy !
Pls rate bois ^ ^
x This file has been reviewed and declined by Fraizeraust (08.10.18 09:41:41 am)
The quality of the file is too low! Please invest more time and only upload stuff which is actually good. Do not upload your first "5 minute"-attempts. Sorry, but nobody wants to see and download stuff like that!
You've to work hard on this map if you wish it to be accepted. Some entities are placed randomly and the map is TOO small for the Bomb Defuse gameplay. People would get bored very easily after a couple of minutes.


1 comment
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08.10.18 09:47:53 am
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Ye, bomb site is right next to terrorist's spawn point, and only two ways to get to the bomb site for counter terrorists which are narrow streets that terrorists can easily camp with shotgun or sniper rifle.

This is gr8est map in cs2d, I should rate 0. Who could evaluate such master piece
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