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23.12.17 04:22:34 am
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Yo! This is my first upload and I hope you like it and if there are errors please comment below or pm me. If you enjoy it,
Please leave a like to the file.

1. I did this for one day.
2. If you want to edit it or reupload it just ask a permission on me. √
3. Do not say it's yours. √
4. Do not play with bots (includes teleport entities)

===Credits to:===
@Leiche - for map (I just edited this)
useigor - for sprites
BaDgEr - more sprites.
cla5hd(me) - sounds and more more sprites..
BcY - ye, you guessed it, sprites again...
To the servers I joined - for sprites and sounds.
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x This file has been reviewed and declined by Seekay (15.02.18 04:16:08 pm)
The file violates copyright / you did not ask the original author for permission / list of original authors or sources is missing!

Copyright Checklist
  • Make sure that you are actually allowed to use all files that you are using!
  • Ask the original authors of all used files if you are allowed to use them!
  • You are only allowed to use those files if you received explicit permission!
  • ALWAYS list the original authors and sources in the description of your file! Otherwise it will get deleted!

You didn't properly credit every piece of content.


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25.12.17 01:16:23 pm
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@user The_Admiral: Sorry about the tiles I just replaced it so you can download it again.

Merry Christmas everyone

23.12.17 05:06:20 pm
like I like it!
the bamboozle
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This is CS2D, i suggest keeping the map simple and avoiding teleportation and layering. The quality of the overall map layout image sucks, you need to provide some in-game screenshots too. Lastly, if you really want to create something decent, put more effort and pay more attention to your map editing. You can make some of your own sprites, with a more refreshing layout that supports CS2D gameplay. Make something of your very own, you will feel satisfied when people liked, download and play your map.
23.12.17 04:33:59 pm
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You forgot to put the Tiles in.
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