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14.06.17 07:32:37 pm
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I have made a new Zombie Mode map. Originally it was called "Bogey Beach", but after fixing some problems about sprites, I decided to change its name.

The plot:

Today something strange happened in a tropica town called Dominique City. Local residents reported two strange boats which belonged to the "Red Star" corporation, which was situated somewhere in Russia, sailing suspiciously close to the shore. Then two explosions occured as unknown cargo with red star marks over it had fallen into the sea. Little did residents know that those crates contained a new bio-weapon which was transported to the local "Red Star" facility. And now it has spread across the sea shore...


A night has fallen upon Dominique City once again. But something was wrong. In fact, it got only worse. The most of the population of this tropica town had turned into vicious zombies which were roaming the streets. Dominique City was completely overrun by bloodthirsty monsters as both police and the military failed to stop the bio-weapon from spreading across the entire island. Even worse, some policemen had to abandon their posts upon realising that the situation was hopeless. They were eventually forced to stay in the city as the only bridge which connected this island with the mainland was blocked by wrecked cars.

However, some local police officers are still alive, hiding in the alleys. But nothing is perfect, and zombies eventually sensed their presence.

How many humans will be able to see the light of day?

1) There is a fire trap in one of the houses. It reloads after each use.
2) Look at the arrows which lead inside the vehicles. You can find useful items there.

You can play it on ZM/ZP mode, but you can also play Standard or DM mode too for the lulz.


It is recommended to set Lighting to Ultra in the game options for the maximum effect, since this map relies on light effects and lightstripes.

I do not own neither tileset, nor sprites. They belong to their original creators.


All Source cars belong to @user useigor:
I don't remember where I took the ambulance sprite from. Ditto with many other car sprites.
The boat sprite is from zm_zombieland map, but I do not know the author.
tileset: zp_brazil - I don't know the author. Same with umbrella sprites.

The owners of the sprites should leave a comment to give me a clue to give them a credit.

× Do not steal the map.
× Do not claim the map as yours.
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15.10.19 03:37:11 pm
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Alright, I edited some info about it - specifically, about the sources (if anyone knows the author of zp_brazil tileset or other sprites that do not belong to @user useigor: , please notify me).
14.06.17 09:05:46 pm
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Very Nice !!! good job man i love this map too much
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