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27.11.16 11:21:04 pm
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In short, a more realistic barbed wire.

I remembered the stereotypical "crawl under the barbed wire" scene from many movies and it was odd how CS2D doesn't handle it that way. So I made it do it.

Here's how it works:
If you run through a barbed wire, you'll sustain damage.
If you walk through a barbed wire, you won't sustain damage.

In other words, trade off speed to prevent injury or sustain injury to get to your goal faster.

You still damage the barbed wire if you walk through it. I am unsure if I should count this as a desired or undesired effect.

Installation >

Hopefully this will be useful.

P.S. I can include a bunch of pictures of me near barbed wires if you guys are into that

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