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old CTF - 8Combat

Ace Howl
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I made this made based on one of Critical Strike Protable's map.

> Feature
• Capture the flag! Get 'em! (somehow suitable on Team Deathmatch mode only )
• shaped like vertical 8 (obviously doesn't look like it )
• 2 path to reach opponent's flag
- Tight area, specialized for shotgun player and juke spot (image 2 & 3).
- Long area, allows sniper user to contest the area (image 4).
• Neutral area which enables player to switch path
• Space background and metal floor
• Fog environment is no longer available
> Map rule
• There is no specific strict rule for this map, server operator can change it.

Well, :
√ Best played 8-20 players
√ Edit for your own use
illegal Copyright still apply as I made it (no reupload, steal)
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7 kb, 380 Downloads


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I like it!


Ace Howl
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user FaZe_Fabian_MLG you must think that the spawn location and path were same, no?


this were my first map. i realized that i have no clue to name the map
(ctf_foggedspace at that time) plus the design was simple, I managed to
remake it with some curve (yeah right).


Ace Howl
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user GeoB99 i understand your opinion. Standard gameplay is abit boring nowadays. However, doesnt mean that taking care of your flag relies on construction mode, similar as user notmafiapro statement. I made this made mostly for awp and m3 users. Recent visit on de_cs2d, i found that some players were being tactical while reaching to their spot.
Relevantly, it would be fun playing with classic loadouts and striking some enemies with frags, flashes or even smoke rather being sitting duck at their compound having much defensive structures on holding their territory. That's why the design of the map should make player to walk around and take the fresh fog (will remove them due to non-vanilla element) and flanking/sniping on sight.


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@user GeoB99: If you ask me, you might as well stay there and shoot people that come. That's called "being able to live without construction gamemode".


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But you won't let your flag base without some defense, right? Doesn't matter if the team must buy some weapons and going to fight, your base is left without any defense to protect your flag from the enemies which is quite problematic (if you ask me).


Ace Howl
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@user Talented Doge: forgot to mention that, this map isn't for Construction mode definitely. It should encourage(lol) people to buy some firearm and pwn some of them.


Talented Doge
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Not suitable for construction obviously.
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