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17.06.08 02:25:20 am
My last mod failed completely. Yes I know I had plans for it and what not. I REALLY want to release a mod for stranded II but it keeps killing me. I had a beta ready to release yesterday, but it won't work for me now.
The game will load fine, but the moment it starts filling in the islands, it will say, memory access violation. Everytime I get far on the mod, and have it working perfect, I add 1 thing, check it, double check it, and then, the intire game ceases to work (well...mod really). It's making me angry. Im going to take more time on this one, but I will at least release it once (and hope it doesn't end up like the great massive mod...) More info coming soon....
17.06.08 09:00:47 pm
Sorry about the double post (I don't want to cause trouble, I just want to post this update)

Ok first off, heres answers about the mod status and progress.

1. This mod currently is being made by only ME. So, the mod will probably end up being slowly (or quickly, it depends...) updated.
2. Unless I can learn how to model again (Gonna try blender, milkshape isn't working, I can't pay for it now.) This mod will have no new models, BUT, if you can model, code, texture, or mod in anyway, feel free to help. Post your email here and I'll reply as soon as possible.
3. I can retexture SOME things until I get blender...or something...
4. Yes, this mod will have new sounds too.

Heres whats going to be done now...

Bamboo Shelter-The bamboo shelter can be built instead of the shelter except it needs bamboo...
Bamboo Shed-A small round bamboo "Shed". Great for farms, docks, anything really. Can be built after the bamboo hut is made.
Bamboo Hut-Instead of making a hut or treehouse, you can make this except you won't find the picklock.
Bamboo Tower-Fires arrows at enemys. It's like the defense tower except bigger, stronger, and needs bamboo.

Big Leaf-A generic leaf. Used for many of the buildings in this mod. Also can be used for other things.
Copper-Used for making tools, item, etc
Tin-Used for making items, and bronze.
Oil-Used for lamps, torchs, etc.
Aluminum-Used for various items.

Bronze Hammer-Needed to make iron items
Iron hammer-Needed to make steel items.
Fishing Spear-A long spear that stabs fish.
Fishing Net-A fishing net for catching fish...

Coffee-Great for keeping one alert.
Corn-Roast it, boil it, fry it, eat it. Very good and somewhat filling.
Sugar Cane-Used to sweeten things like coffee, cocoa, etc...Process it to get sugar.
Sugar-Used for more refined things like cakes, cookies, etc...

Sap-Used for syrup, but can be used as a glue.
Bark Cup-Holds water, but once heated, cannot ne reused, and you must make another one.
Coconut Hull-Used for a cup or bowl, can be heated and reused.
Cooking Pot-Used to boil and cook foods.
Frying Pan-Used to fry and cook foods.
*Mug-Holds various liquids.

Thats all Im doing in it for now, because I don't want to get those dreaded errors that killed my last mod.

*banane? (correct spelling right?) Is it possible to use your coffee mug from the ext mod? It will be retextured to be metal but you don't want it in, I won't put it in. Please leave me your e-mail so I can reply back.

This is for stranded II GOLD
More updates, info, etc, coming soon...
17.06.08 10:47:03 pm
Raven Shadow
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It's nice too see you back

I just wante to suggest you not rethink using aluminum.
In real life it exists only as an oxide, bonded to other
minerals and requires a HUGE amount of electicity to
seoarate it.
19.06.08 01:44:11 am
Ok, this list has been changed and redone. Im going to take this nice and easy, and not cram 2000 items into each update. Heres the readme so far...

Mod by colonel.shemp


What to expect
Whats new
Other Crap

Version 1.0 beta

You know the story, yacht gets hit by lighting, you get stranded on a island. But ever wondered how do you get bottles from pressing leaves with a stone to get water? This mod unlike the previous version (for this it ALOT more realistic and fun. This mod also uses some parts of the massive mod. The realism in this mod is not hard-core, it just makes things look more like they should...or act like it.

This entire mod is currently made only by me, so there might only be maybe 1 or 2 new models at the most.
New buildings with a new building system (sorta)
New skills like cooking, mining, smithing and more.
New sounds
Random maps are now packed and ready to test your skill of survival
New items, weapons, tools, objects, units
New fishing system. You now catch different fish with different fishing tools. The higher your skill level, the better the catch. Also, even at high levels, you can still catch the smaller fish too.
Improved Farming skill.




Bamboo Shelter-Like in the massive mod, you can build this instead of a shelter or a tent. You just need bamboo.
Bamboo Shed-After you built a storage, you can build these small round bamboo "sheds". Great for docks, farms, anything really.
Bamboo Hut-Like the shelter except it has 3 walls. You can build this after you build the shed.
Fence 2-The fence with the x instead.
Tribal Torch-The torch with the pointed metal looking top.
Bamboo Watchtower-A watch tower that shoots at enemys, like the defense tower except bigger and stronger!
Dock-Great for fishing spots, ports, or even a bridge!
Barrel-Like the storage except holds less.
Crate-Same as barrel.
Covering-When anything touches this, they will break a bone and/or bleed. After that, this will disappear. Should be built over a hole. NOT IN THIS VERSION


Wood Spear-Just a large branch with a sharped point. Comes in throwing and melee versions.
Stone Spear-A spear with a stone head. Good damage. comes in 2 flavors, throwing, and melee.
Iron Spear-A spear with a iron head. Great damage, same as stone spear.
Crystal Sword-Very good damage to flesh and animals, but could be used for other things too.
Broadsword-Like a upgraded machete. Good for hunting, but could also be used for other things too.
Sword-A regular sword. Good for hunting, but it's narrow blade makes it unsuited for other things.
Knife-Both a weapon and a tool. Good for close combat, but also has other uses. See tools for more info.
Throwing Knife-Decent damage, but easy to make. Takes some skill to use correctly.
Throwing Axe-high damage, but takes skill to use properly.


Fishing Spear-A spear that stabs fish. catches shark, tuna, and swordfish.
Knife-Use to cut meat and fish, use it for preparing foods or anything really, this has unlimited uses!
Flint and Tinder-This is needed to make fire.
Shovel- Raise/lower the ground with terraforming! From the massive mod with minor tweaks.
Fishing Net-Catch fish with this fishing net. catches shrimps, anchovies, herring, karambwanji
Fishing Rod-Catches karambwanji, pike, sardines.
Lobster Pot-Catches lobster and crabs.


Big Leaf-Used for many of the buildings in this mod. Most are found on palms and large leafed bushes.
Large Branch-A large branch found on the bigger trees, and the tall ones. Just look for trees with large branches...
Coconut Hull-Use as a cup or bowl. Holds water to drink too. Can be heated and reused.
Empty Coconut-2 hulls glued and reinforced to make a sort of canteen. Carrys 3 drinks of water per coconut.
Water Skin-A bag of water. Holds 5 drinks of water per water skin. (still working on this, but for now, each time you make a water skin you get 5 of them.)


Coconut Milk-Eating coconuts are not easy now, but are more rewarding. After you break open a coconut, you can eat the flesh and drink the milk. The milk is very nutrient filled, and will quench most of your thirst too.
Coconut Flesh-Somewhat filling, but can be used for cooking.
Coffee-This drink is perfect for the morning or if you need some extra energy.
Kiwifruit-These are full of vitamins to help your survival! Healthy but not very filling...
Karambwanji-Small green and yellow fish that are tasty and filling.
Herring-Small fish that are flavorful but not very filling. Used for cooking meals and dishes mostly.
Shark-Tasty shark. Big and hard to catch. Each shark gives 3-5 shark meat when processed. Very filling!
Anchovies-Small tiny fish that are used mainly for meals and dishes. Hardly filling, but are abundant. 3-5 anchovies each catch.
Shrimps-Shrimps! Used for cooking mainly, but are somewhat filling. Each time you fish for shrimps, you get 3-5 shrimp in one catch.
Tuna-Big fish that are filling and good.
Sardines-Small fish that are healthy, but are not very filling.
Crab-Crabs are filling and tasty! Catch with a lobster pot.



Kiwitree-a kiwi tree. Spawns kiwifruits.
Sugar Cane-Looks like bamboo except a little bit lighter in color.


Pack Kiwi-Not very realistic, but the neither is the monkey school It's like the pack monkey except it's a Kiwi. Also, holds less stuff.


Moss now spawns all of the mushrooms, not just the brown ones.
Cacao, coffee, plum, grapes now spawn on random islands.
Fire starting now requires that you have tinder. You can't start a fire with just flints anymore. Expect to take more time making fire now. Use a flint and tinder kit to start fires easy.
Currently, you can use the fishing spear and rod to catch fish.
Raptors when tame, do not drop you anymore (It won't let me change the time to ride) This change brings a balance, as now it takes 5 meat to tame a raptor.
You can now ride tame lions.
Bamboo has more health now to allow more bamboo to be collected for buildings and etc...
Most buildings are changed to allow the new building system
Decided not to be a lazy ass and added the item id and name in the Items, objects, combinations, and etc...Now you can just look for the new Item ID's in the ID files.
Because I couldn't make, find, or use a model for the pack kiwi,so it now has a new texture. The new texture has the kiwi with a pack on it's back.
You can now use branches, leafs, wool/cotton, and bark as tinder.
Added building materials in the buildings file.
renamed the following buildings:
Tent=Pup Tent
Shelter=Make Shift Shelter
Fire=Campfire (fenced)
Fence=Wooden Fence
Well=Small Well
Bownet=Fishing Trap
Kiwibreeding=Kiwi Shelter
Trap=Cage Trap
Monkey School=Animal School
Gate=Palisade Gate

Monkey Schools changed to Animal School because they now also train Pack kiwis.
Farming Skill improved. Heres the info:

Farming is more realistic now due to the improved system. Farming is growing crops, not trees and bushes. Those still start off as a sapling (To keep balance with woodcutting and whatnot)
Plants no longer start off sprouted, they are now seedlings and can't be seen at first. Depending on the plant, it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 days for them to sprout. Here's the grow time list:

1 day sprout
wheat, hemp, bamboo

2 day sprout
grapes, berrys, cotton

3 day sprout
plums, cacao, coffee, banana, coconut

Improved Fishing skill:
Now instead of getting fish by skill, you need skill and bait to do it.
Bait List:

Karambwanji, Pike, herring

Anchovies, shrimps, sardines

Fish Bait
Crabs, lobster, swordfish, tuna


To make fish bait, grab any small fish (must be raw) like sardines, anchovies, and herring, and chop it up with a knife.
To make chum, grab any medium fish like pike, tuna, karambwanji and chop it up with a knife.

You are now able to build a airplane. You can build it after you build the sailraft (you must be worthy in order to do so)
Building this is hard, and wastes ALOT of resources, mainly metal. Will be updated to use better resources. Im just doing this as a fun thing.

(end of readme)

The aluminum won't really be used (thanks for the info raven) So instead, Tin will take it's place (although it's probably going to be stronger for balance reasons...sorta )

Some of this stuff in the readme isn't done yet, although the following is done completely...
All bamboo buildings.
Building materials system done
weapons done (except iron spears)
Fire system working (tinder thing)

I have more than this done, but I don't want to post it, too much. Well stay tuned for the next update coming sometime today (hopefully)
19.06.08 02:03:42 am
Mc Leaf
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Anything more than... just ideas?
user DC has written:
I'm actually working on Stranded III now with highest priority even though I said that I planned to release the next CC update first.
19.06.08 02:13:10 am
Uhh...These arn't ideas leaf. Im working on this mod right now as we speak. The next version will be the release. and leaf, I intend to get this mod finished, and released.
19.06.08 02:14:43 am
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1. You should post an upload link for a beta
2. Take whatever you want from my mod.
3. You should register to post updates.
4. I don't have a four.
5. But I do have a six
6. If there is somthing unfinished that's in my mod, use mine instead.
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
19.06.08 02:21:21 am
Mc Leaf
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Colonel.Shemp has written:
Uhh...These arn't ideas leaf. Im working on this mod right now as we speak. The next version will be the release. and leaf, I intend to get this mod finished, and released.

Some screenshots or something would be nice
user DC has written:
I'm actually working on Stranded III now with highest priority even though I said that I planned to release the next CC update first.
19.06.08 02:29:56 am
Screenies are something that's kinda pointless for my mod. You see, this mod lacks new models. But It does have icons (wow). Unless I can have someone make models for me (or re-learn blender) This will be a model-less mod. Oh and right now, im working on the new fishing system, should be done in about a hour or 2, it just depends.
19.06.08 05:23:48 pm
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Hmm, looks good. Most of my ideas are similar to that, e.g. bottles are needed for stuff.
Guest has written:
Internet is serious shit.
19.06.08 08:51:13 pm
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Im going to finish the fishing system today. Currently I have the shark, karambwanji done (karambwanji needs a new model texture)
Fishing system works. Removing generic "fish" because with all of the new fish, it's not needed.


Updated version to 1.1

Adding new stuff
meals added
cooking skill being worked on later today
fixed knife scale
fixed water skin scale
fixed shark (food) scale
fixed chum bug
more stuff...etc

Im going to update the readme, and post it up in about 1 hour or less...or more, depends on how long it take me to do it
19.06.08 10:44:24 pm
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You can post a beta or copy your mod folder to back it up. *whisper*post a beta*whisper*
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
19.06.08 11:05:23 pm
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I still need to get a account for file front or some other free file hosting service. Plus, I've updated the mod to 1.1. Im working on the cooking system, but it's going to take some time...Also, fishing system is completed for the fishing rod so far. I just need to get a swordfish icon and the fishing spear is done. I guess I can post a beta...

Uploading a beta of the 1.1 version to file front right now. It's going to be in RAR format. Im still working on it, so expect to not see everything in the readme.

Heres the beta:

If you want to use ANY of my code please ask first. If you take my code without asking (or even saying) I will beat you into a coma. Nothing Personal.
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20.06.08 04:09:12 am
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Yes and no, I downloaded it and looked through the inf.s. It looked like you work hard on every aspect, which is good, but slows the project down. I think you should finish it, and combine it with builders new version of the massive mod, to make one "The Massive My 'Colonel.Shemp' Stranded"(or somthing like that)
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
20.06.08 05:06:24 am
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I was thinking of merging it with the new version of massive mod (he has alot of ideas that im using, I thought it would be better anyways).

Im slowing the project down on purpose bloodshot. I want to take it slow and easy, to avoid any errors, and bugs that killed my last mod (my doomed Stranded 2 deluxe mod)

I'm going to keep working on this mod into next week, take a week off (maybe, I have a life ya know ) So stay tuned for updates!
20.06.08 10:00:26 pm
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Those bugs happen randomly. On my mod, I tried to merge it with the new version. It worked. Then I tried to edit the objects_stone.inf to suit the salt, then on the loading screen... MEMORY ACSESS VIOLATION!!! Then I did it again, since I had the file with the old version, and did the excact smae thing! It worked .
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
20.06.08 10:47:24 pm
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Well apparently, I have a god damn novel to write for summer school. I'll work on the mod today, and post any updates. So far...

3 new buildings added-raptor nest, table, sheep breeding.
Cooking skill overhauled for the third time.
Redid cooking skill AGAIN.
So far this is what you can make with the cooking skill:

Meat Stew
Fish stew
mushroom soup
hemp stew

green salad
leaf salad
fruit salad
herb salad
ceasar salad


plain cake
chocolate cake
berry cake
space cake
hemp bread


green tea
Blueblossom tea
bloodleaf tea
gold tea
grape juice
banana tea


Karambwan w/ goldherb

Anyways NONE of these are in the game currently, and today, Im going to add at least the soups.
20.06.08 11:41:22 pm
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Clam Chowder
Healing stew


Hemp Stew w/ Hemp bread crumbs (For drug addicts )
Egg (From Massive mod) w/ Muffin or Berry muffin w/ juice or grape juice for a breakfast plate
Healing stew w/ blueblossom tea-Heals alot of health


Berry Muffin
pita bread
Pie (In many flavors)


Wheat-grass juice

These would require: Clam meat, Oranges, and leamons.
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
21.06.08 07:05:31 pm
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From my mod:
Instead of hemp bread why not have space cakes?

Guest has written:
Internet is serious shit.
21.06.08 09:29:06 pm
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He has both
It is better to fail and then succeed than to succeed in the first place IMG:http://i420.photobucket.com/albums/pp281/L31ch3/Userbars/Strandedgamerub.png
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