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10.02.08 01:11:46 pm
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Will there be a Stranded III?
Yes, I'm currently working on it. www.stranded3.com

I have a great idea for Stranded II! Now, what to do with it?
The best thing to do is to keep it to yourself. Do not, in no case, open a thread for it! Almost everything that's imaginable has already been said (repeatedly). Please search for it in the forum first - thoroughly. If it seems like the idea has not been mentioned yet, and if it really is very good and would help to improve the game (!), feel free to send it to me via e-mail (see: contact page).

Why can't I extract Stranded II?
Use e.g. WinRAR!

Why is the ground in the game white?
Probably your video card has problems with multitexturing. Turn down the landscape details in the graphics options! Afterwards load a map or savegame. You now should have a colored terrain.

Why is the ground in the game black?
This can happen on some systems when tabbing out of the game while running it in fullscreen. Take a look at the following image for an instruction on how to fix that:

Why does the game buck around / Why is it so slow?
Probably your computer is just too slow or you have turned the options up too far. Water details and grass consume a lot of performance. Turn these values down if the game is interrupted by jerks. In case the game still doesn't run fluently, you ought to turn down the range of view (recommended value: medium)

When will Stranded II be released?
It's already finished:

How about the multiplayer mode?
We have a special thread for this topic. Please read it:
SII has no multiplayer mode but there is a multiplayer mod made by fans.

How do I obtain item XYZ in the game?
How can I get item XYZ in the game?
You can obtain items by hitting objects on the island, or just picked up if they lie around somewhere. Further ones can be made by using and combining items.
By "using" brought down animals, you can also often find some useful parts of their body to collect.
BUT: Not every item can be made or found on any island! If there are no flintstones on the island, you will not find any. The same can be said about many other items.

What is item XYZ good for?
Look what its description says. It's displayed if you select the item in the rucksack. Often, this reveals at least some of its functions. Many items serve as food, some can heal injuries or intoxications, and others only serve as material for item combinations and buildings.
But not all items do have a purpose! Some of them aren't good for anything!

Why can I not build building XYZ?
Build available buildings to unlock further ones. Some buildings depend on skills (hunting, fishing, planting) and are only unlocked for building once you have brought down many animals, fished a lot of fish or planted many plants. Please also note that you can't build all buildings that are available in the editor (because there's no need for that).

Will the source code of Stranded II be published?
Stranded II is actually open source since 2009! You can get the Blitz Basic 3D source code here:
SII Source Code
(IMPORTANT: note included readme!)

What does the "gold" in "Stranded II Gold" mean?
"Gold" is just a name for this kind of version. It means that the game is "finished". Anyway, the game's name is just plainly "Stranded II". The "gold" definitely isn't a part of the title of the game, and hence it shouldn't be attached to the title.

What mods are there for Stranded II?
There's a list of all known mods (with links): http://en.wiki.unrealsoftware.de/index.php/List_of_Stranded_II_modifications

Translation of the German FAQ by EwokChieftain
original: http://www.unrealsoftware.de/forum_posts.php?post=11951
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