English CS2D DualShock 3 Configuration Official

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Attention DualShock 3 Controller Owners. I present my official configuration for CS2D. I think this config, I like more then the last one. Simple, tidy, comfortable, and finished.

Click here to apply: steam://controllerconfig/666220/1615656391 or Browse Community Configs to apply it.

∗ 2 Mouse Types changeable by clicking R3 (Default & Sticky Mouse}.
∗ On-Screen Keyboard when you Press and Hold R3 (Only available with Big Picture Overlay).
∗ Radio/Group/Report Messages button mapped to L1
∗ Push-to-Talk Button mapped to DPad Right (Able to be toggled by Double Tapping)
∗ Easy Inventory Navigation (Hold L2 and move Right Stick Left or Right)

• Steam
• CS2D Steam Version (No shit)
• DualShock 3 Controller or Generic Gamepad

• Big Picture Overlay is required for On-Screen Keyboard and Mouse Mode Indicator (Any Steam Related HUD)
• Make sure PlayStation Controller support or Generic Gamepad support is enabled in Steam's Controller Settings.
• Make sure your controllers Big Picture Configuration is mapped correctly (Picture below) (Only for editing my config or using the On-Screen Keyboard)
• The On-Screen keyboard is a bit weird. Sometimes I can choose letters with Dpad. Sometimes I have to use both Analog Sticks and Click them in to select the letter.
• Can be used with Generic Gamepads




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