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02.07.18 05:54:05 pm
hi us
i have error at my map

link https://image.ibb.co/f5r4bd/error.png

please help me

sry for my english
02.07.18 07:22:21 pm
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Maybe the name of folder is not good (change name of folder, remove symbols).
Or, maybe image is corrupted (delete img and re-download at source).
After, if not works i don't know...
02.07.18 08:57:31 pm
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I assume that you are using special characters in your file names? I recommend to not do that. Could you provide a list of all the file names you are using for the resources in your map? I probably can't easily fix this issue but I can at least try to add proper error handling.

In general I highly recommend to use all lowercase alphanumeric characters for file names only. No spaces, no special characters except underscores. So only these:

Also keep the names short and start with a letter, not with an underscore or number. This way you can efficiently minimize problems with handling your files on various systems.
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