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This is a zombie mod I did as a hobby.

Currently, it is still underdevelopment.

I know this is not enough to be proud of. However, I still need more testing and feedback from everyone so I make a demo for early access.

∗ Credit:
• Sound effects: from Stranded 2, and https://freesound.org/
Most of the code I made it myself with a few implementation I got from sample of few other mods.

∗ Current version is 0.1.1 (Beta)
√ This one just stable enough for everyone to test.
× I'm not guarantee it is bug free but at least the game will be smooth.
× There are a lot of unused contents because this mod is still on early access.
° I didn't have a name for this mod. Originally, I created a classes based zombie mod. Then scraped it to created a player progression engine. And then mix them all together to create a demo for everyone.

> Change log:
√ [fixed]everyone no longer able to do critical attack without the skill.
√ [fixed]player with id other than 1 can now see your Ammo Backpack skill hud
√ > [Fixed + change]Cripple skill: zombie no longer become faster for a second when slow applied. Also, minimum speedmod is now -15 for this skill.
∗ [Added]Game play tips for players on message.
∗ [Added]Player data will now be clear when log out. Saving mechanic is still unavailable.
∗ [Added]Menu zombie class will now pop up when you will be spawn as zombie.

∗ About this mod:
∗ This is a class based zombie mod where player can customize their survivor health, speed, armor, and skills to fight against hordes of diverse ability zombies.
∗ I took a different approach than Zombie Plague to create a faster pace mod with more diverse game play options.
∗ The goal is to let the player enjoy different building options and provide them a steady difficult curve for engagement.

> Improvements I may working upon:
> A better difficult curve: Currently, there are a bot's class builder within the mod.
It provides a basic randomization for bot 's classes.
However, I'm looking forward to a way player can enjoy the game as much as any PvE co-op zombie games out there.
> Zombie waves and boss battle: This could be a way to improve game play. By giving spikes of challenge and some valleys of rest player can feel more engage.
> Some more skills, customization contents: Currently, there are only a few skills for everyone to try. Weapon mastery mechanic is uncompleted. And the menu is a bit confusing.
> Saving mechanic: This mod can't save your progress. If you log out. All what you earned will be lost. To compensate for this, the experience gain is quite generous.
> More editing friendly script: So far only some string in this mod are group together for translating purpose. Maybe someday I will add in more way for player to edit class, skill, etc.

° This mod is suposed to be played without infinitive ammo. The reason is that there's already an ammo recharge skill. I want managing ammo to be a thing rather than spraying all the time.
° Most people would love to have zombies mod with knockback mechanism. I didn't include this yet because I haven't looked upon it. However, I found out that giving the mod status effect mechanic work just fine. You can add slow effect to your attack and throw Molotov around to make something like a spider trap which is fun btw.
° I haven't intent to optimize this mod with for building and defend. Although you can spawn with a wrench if you know how to customize your character. I wasn't so sure it is a right direction to have player focus on construction because it will slow the pace down and properly not what I hope this mod to be.


> Survivors:
• There are 7 different build sizes for your survivor. It is strange to classify them like war ship but at least that sound baddass so I keep it. Each will start with different armor, and speed grow. You can earn Resource Points (RP) by killing to purchase them.

• There are 5 different attributes for you to improve like any RPG game.
      • Hull: Is your health
      • Engine: Is your speed. The better you armor, the less you can get.
      • Reactor/Processor/Capacity: Are use to make skill work better. Each will improve different aspect of certain skills. Please look for skill descriptions within server action 1's menus for more details.

• There are total of 9 skills for you to use. Unfortunately, some of them maybe buggy because testing them is painful, especially for energy shield and critical skill which have complicate implementations.

• Skill cost RP to learn, you can have up to 4 skills and remove cost are free.

• You will begin with one out of 3 preset classes.
One is about speed, the other is about power, and third is for durability.
The forth one is in the menu and come with a wrench if you like building although not recommended.
All will start around level 5-10 except the Deprived one which is supposes for players who want to start from the ground up.

• There are no maximum level, no experience requirement curve. Only stats are capped at 15 points each.

> Zombies:
• There are total of 8 zombie classes.
• There a hidden difficulty curve allow bots to start out simple and then slowly spawn more powerful zombies.
• Unlike survivors, zombies build are static. But diverse enough to counter most of players approach.
• I took advice from George Fan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8QAVGeEj-U&t=2726s to make each zombie class uniquely different. You don't find zombies with just different hp and speed here. They have different skills, equipment. And when they die, each class will scream differently too. Have fun!

∗ Final words:
• I'm looking for better sound effects for this mod. Please help!
• There's not much help I need in scripting yet because I can do most on my own. However, you can help me identify some bug that would be helpful.

• Last and most important: I will need a lot of game play feedback. This mod is new and early access. A lot of thing may or may not come true. Decisions may be changed for better or worse. However, if your suggestions are helpful, it could shape the mod in the future. Please help me sincerely!
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like I like it!
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I will try and give you my feedback tomorrow
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like I like it!
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