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14.03.17 05:54:23 pm
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Hi, in this map you can only play as ct (hecu marine)

Black mesa research Facility
Black mesa,new Mexicos, Usa

Eric Peterson
Male age 24

Us army soldier

United states army corps of engineers
Combat company


Operational objectives
Help group

sfx: Black mesa
map: @user Shrepard:
Tiles: @user crazy junkman Wolfgang: (also some gfx)
gfx: @user useigor:

Some scientist (guards) will help you but the other will try to kill you,so kill them before they shoot you.

You can play this map with friends or alone

Version 1.1
FIXED some little bugs
ADDED @user 2Gen:'npcs
ADDED more items,armors (because of some strong npcs like agrunt)
ADDED Scrolling water
CHANGED changed some things at ending
CHANGED water tiles (better tiles)
CHANGED Before: When you join t,you would spawn in a dark room and an env_hurt would kill you
Now: You spawn in a room,waiting for train to come,and if you move you get this message: please go ct
REMOVED some unless sounds and some npcs (replaced with 2gen's npcs)
I made some other changes,I also added some new things but they aren't anything big.
CHANGED Replaced teleport with if(setpos)
Don't forget to report any bug,if there is any

Since there is no one left to help,you mission is now to escape from hazard course( this is why this map is now es)
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08.04.17 06:47:29 pm
like I like it!
Nice remake, and im glad you're using setpos on some vital parts instead of teleport.
*Thumbs up*
17.03.17 06:45:22 pm
Yeah I know,but at least you edited them
17.03.17 04:02:48 pm
like I like it!
@user Shrepard: well don't give me credits for tiles, because I've only put them together, not actually create them

and because map is huge, you should add checkpoints
17.03.17 12:49:31 pm
@user crazy junkman Wolfgang:You tiles helped me a lot(there was everything I need)
I was going to make this map fast,so I didn't have enough time to fix some problems with env_light,because i was testing and trying to put ammo and medikits in some places where you need them.

Also this map is huge,so you can't complete it without dying 2 or 3 times

And thank you guys
16.03.17 10:29:30 pm
like I like it!
Super User
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Big map, a lot of additional stuff, lot of triggers. I kinda like it!
like I like it!
@user Shrepard: this map really surprised me, it was verry well balanced, not too easy and not too hard, just perfect,

There could be some improvements, like you could use trigger_if parse setpos instead of env_teleport on delay, and you could play a litle more with env_light and env_room, bcuz i've seen some minor bugs, and you could add checkpoints (i've died couple of times, and it took me some time to get to place where i died)

As for the map itself, it's briliant: usage of tiles, sprites and sounds really gives something fresh and something that has not been seen in coop style of maps, verry well made details.

And one small thing that is not related to map, you could put "tiles" folder inside "gfx" folder, otherwise other people need to copy it manually, it's not big problem, but it can be small anoyance.

Overall rating 9.9/10.
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16.03.17 03:08:13 pm
like I like it!
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Well made.
14.03.17 09:03:42 pm
like I like it!
Latin Strike
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Have a nice idea, Good work
14.03.17 06:36:09 pm
14.03.17 06:22:40 pm
like I like it!
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Good job!
14.03.17 06:01:33 pm
like I like it!
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Good. I like it.
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