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34Ghost RiderUser2003/200419 Years ago-
110GoldenLukeUser2003/200417 Years ago-
121graythreadUser2003/200419 Years ago-
126GinalamiaUser2003/200419 Years ago-
157Genocide_ISETIUser2003/200419 Years ago-
194GucciBANNED2003/20049 Years agoGB - United Kingdom
206gunweeUser2003/200419 Years ago-
216GdNUser2003/200419 Years ago-
229grOmUser2003/200419 Years ago-
231GothUser2003/200419 Years ago-
419GIGIUser25.01.05 01:25:25 pm18 Years ago-
431gajtUser05.02.05 03:02:22 pm18 Years ago-
455GreyKcUser09.03.05 04:10:57 pm3 Weeks agoUS - United States
460GhostUser19.03.05 10:16:13 pm18 Years ago-
466GamerUser25.03.05 05:14:18 pm18 Years ago-
496GlobetrotterUser11.05.05 10:22:17 am2 Years ago-
503glodzioUser20.05.05 08:07:19 pm--
509gameshoaUser27.05.05 02:23:30 am--
513GodSquadUser30.05.05 11:41:29 am--
555GedaUser30.06.05 02:02:40 pm18 Years ago-
570goDxUser19.07.05 07:31:34 pm18 Years ago-
603GlonUser20.08.05 06:35:00 pm16 Years ago-
626gockelschubserUser03.09.05 07:55:54 pm14 Years ago-
631GiZUser09.09.05 03:10:41 pm17 Years ago-
662GAGAUser14.10.05 11:58:03 am18 Years ago-
667GintecUser22.10.05 08:58:56 pm10 Years ago-
710guspavUser29.11.05 07:27:39 am16 Years ago-
778GeCe-eMeSUser02.02.06 09:03:08 pm16 Years ago-
783g_hot_bgUser13.02.06 12:15:04 pm17 Years ago-
846Grim_demonUser07.04.06 10:58:54 am17 Years ago-
962GenesisUser24.07.06 07:19:09 pm17 Years ago-
1025GrimstormUser06.08.06 12:19:17 am17 Years ago-
1150GeozoneUser16.09.06 04:54:00 pm17 Years ago-
1159GeBR UnknownUser21.09.06 12:39:27 am17 Years ago-
1178GiasumaruUser02.10.06 02:11:33 am16 Years ago-
1232GrützeUser29.10.06 03:54:52 pm16 Years ago-
1240GabrielitoxUser02.11.06 10:05:51 pm17 Years ago-
1277Ghost_maxUser16.11.06 01:35:50 pm17 Years ago-
1320GladiatorUser01.12.06 07:20:31 pm17 Years ago-
1332grantman41User08.12.06 04:05:46 am16 Years ago-
1381gaahUser02.01.07 05:20:44 pm16 Years ago-
1422GAMEOVERUser22.01.07 07:16:46 am16 Years ago-
1469gamersUser08.02.07 07:33:23 pm16 Years ago-
1501gogol13User19.02.07 02:34:13 pm16 Years ago-
1504golpherdidiUser20.02.07 02:22:16 pm16 Years ago-
1592geniustiongUser09.03.07 01:03:59 pm15 Years ago-
1631georgUser18.03.07 05:22:14 pm13 Years ago-
1639GhoulUser20.03.07 04:10:55 pm16 Years ago-
1653gene091User23.03.07 07:30:56 am16 Years ago-
1664greymanCOMMUNITY BANNED26.03.07 03:48:44 pm13 Years ago-
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