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First command that doesn't work the same is the kill script, which was modified in the source code.

Blitz3d old script >

Blitz3d New script >

I don't need to modify the script or anything, I just need to know how the kill command works differently, so I can use it without causing problems. Anyone with blitz3d experience can help with this.

I got the source code from this link: https://mega.nz/#!ZGZDmRyZ!_pboxD3CRH5yy7hQkdpR5RyqmYTTTMUomH1l1TxPPyQ

p.s. If anyone has a better link for source code that is more complete for multiplayer, please upload. I'm not sure if this is the newest version of the source code.

Other errors that break multiplayer:
     -Hostile units have almost no hunt range
     -Msgbox command doesn't work, which breaks stuff
     -Gotitem command doesn't work either, which breaks even more stuff
     -Plane doesn't fly

the s2 multi thread even says this below
Multiplayer Script commands:

and then it just goes to a blank menu
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