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Hello i recently purchased a new laptop and i did not have this problem before when playing cs2d on my old laptop.
So, with my new laptop, the problem is this: The "w" button some times gets stuck while playing. It only happens maybe once every 3 minutes of hard core button mashing but it does happen.
If i switch quickly from going up or going up and then left to going down ("w" to "s" or w to a to s ), ... my cs2d "character" continues to move upward while i am now holding down the "s" button. He won't move downwards again until i release the s keyboard button and press s again.
Does anyone know a fix for this or is it just my laptop and i will have to live with it? Is it windows 10? do other players have this issue?
04.04.21 03:58:59 am
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Do you experience this issue regulary in other games too? I also have this problem on my old laptop when playing "intensive" games for some hours. (intensive = old quake engine lel).

One cause could be heat. Whenever my laptop heats up the keyboard sometimes get unresponsive in warm areas as seen in screens in the "pics" tab. Might be one cause. You should check it out.

pics >

Is the laptop second hand?
04.04.21 06:04:11 am
I don't think my laptop is over heating. The button stuck issue happens even when i haven't been playing for a long duration.
My old laptop was a Toshiba satellite running windows vista. It was bigger and heavier than my new Lenovo idea pad 3.
The Toshiba did not have this issue, but my current and new laptop does.
Very frustrating....
No my current laptop is/was not second hand, i bought it brand new.
Windows 10 has various keyboard and sticky keys options, and i wonder if i tweaked some of them, that this issue might be resolved. So far though, i haven't been able to fix this problem.
I have no idea what is at the root of this problem... is there a setting i could change? is my laptop itself flawed or unable to render various button presses into character movements for a game such as cs2d? Is windows 10 the problem. Or maybe there is an incompatibility issue with my laptop and the cs2d software?
04.04.21 07:54:20 am
The Dark Shadow
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When it happens, minimize the game and open task manager then show us (screenshot it) all the results that are going on there.

If you could share your laptop specs that would give us more data. What brand is it?

Also, update all the drivers and windows itself to the latest version.
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