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Last week Pre-Alpha 0 was released for a short period of time.
The purpose of it was to make sure the release workflow was easy enough.
I am planning to release pre-alpha versions weekly.

More information in discord
Pre-Alpha 1 started August 13th - 9PM CEST.
Pre-Alpha 1 ended August 13th - 12PM CEST

• application is obtainable via discord server
• version is available from a few hours to a day
• after expiration, creating or joining servers are not available
• uses only photon network which is inferior to mirror
• no dedicated servers available
• unfinished features are disabled or hidden

Changelog >

Teammate Nicknames and Markers

Nicknames are now displayed above players.
In addition, added blue markers bellow the player.
This should help to distinguish teammates from enemies.
IMG:https://i.imgur.com/zvaa1yi.png<br />

I'll have summer vacation from August 16th to September 2nd.
Meanwhile, there wont be any updates.

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Pre-Alpha 2

Pre-Alpha 2 starts September 5th - 9PM CEST.
Pre-Alpha 2 ended September 5th - 11PM CEST

Pre-Alpha 2
• Improved network packets CPU performance
• Improved muzzle flash particles
• New weapons (M4A1)
• Individual reloading sounds for each weapon
• Armor mechanics
• Bug fixes


During these 3 weeks, I've visited Malta, Italy, Vatican and Spain.
We made thousands of photos, so I'll just share a photo per location.

Valletta, Malta

Rome, Italy

Perugia, Italy


Blue Grotto, Malta

Seville, Spain

Gozo Island
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Pre-Alpha 3

Pre-Alpha 3 starts September 18th - 9PM (GMT +2)

FIXED Swapped death message colors
FIXED Chat background delay by one character
FIXED Blood and decals did not reset on round start
FIXED Fog of War light was displayed for dead spectated player
ADDED Damage indicator
ADDED Flashed players are marked in spectator view
ADDED Replay spectator view health & armor UI effects
ADDED Scoreboard player properties UI animations
ADDED Health & Armor hud animations
ADDED de_cs2d map
ADDED Friendly Fire setting is displayed in server list
ADDED Step sounds
CHANGED Player animation performance improvement
CHANGED Explosion performance improvement
CHANGED Synchronized variables network optimizations
CHANGED Death message wont display killer on suicide

UI Effects Improvements

Damage indicators, health & armor animations

Scoreboard properties animations

Spectator view health & armor animations

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