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19.09.19 06:50:33 pm
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Sorry, but since I am the last poster on the main stuck thread, i can't post a totally unrelated OTHER 'stuck' entry. it wants to make me add it to the post I did about something else. IT already has made me attach unrelated stuff to that comment.

THIS post is about Stranded 2 the Survivalist mod, otherwise known as the massive mod.

simply, I go to the forge and can forge all I want, but the anvil doesn't work at all. I hold the soft iron in hand and select the combo of the iron and the hammer and the menu opens and i select something to make and it makes the sounds but nothing happens. three pieces of iron fall onto the anvil and I have to pick them up, but it will never make anything I choose to try for. it seems i am doing it right and it just isn't working. very frustrating.

Admin/mod comment:

added surivalist mod to the title /DC
19.09.19 06:57:37 pm
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ok. I just had to make something clear: The survivalist is not known as massive mod. It is based on it. See ya later

also: please just post on the survivalist thread instead of creating a whole new thread. Thank you.
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20.09.19 09:23:06 pm
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you dont need to put the iron in your hand. put your hammer in your hand so you can hit the iron once its on the anvil. nails will take like 1 hit while like a shovel head or hammer head will take 2-3 hits. Then pick the item up off the anvil. Hits are related to the size of the item and skill points you get for making the item...so if a hammer head is 3 skill points you hit it 3 times. This is learned while making the items.

I could have answered sooner if you would have asked this question in my thread already created for The Survivalist.

p.s. (edit) You can look in the diary under FORGING in the OPERATIONS tab to see various instructions, including forging as it would have told you to hit it with hammer....and other info like combinations under CRAFTING tab.
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