English I do not understand the scripts and ask for your

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Hi! us

I do not understand the scripts and ask for your help

I'd like to ask you for help

how to make a simple zombie infection mode

Thank you very much for your help

that should be:
-3 infections at a time
-Teleporting to the starting point for the first 3 infections
sorry for my bad english
01.08.19 06:17:31 pm
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First, when you want to ask for a script then be clear with your request: what means infected? How long is the countdown? Does it trigger on roundstart? What happens while the countdown is ticking (Do you have godmode?; do dead people respawn?)?
Also if you script for yourself: You need to know these answers as well.

Therefore I just gave you an example of how it could work: You gotta add msgs to inform the people; restart the round properly; reset variables on round start etc.

First you have to know every little detail of what you want to do. Like: Infecteds are Ts.
That means you have to put everyone on the CT team on the roundstart. cs2d cmd makect
You have to make switching teams illegal.
Then its basicly looking up in the FAQ and see what hook/variable can help you.
Like: cs2d lua hook team detects wheter a player wants to switch team and you can deny it with return 1.

Spoiler >

Good luck tho - dont stop asking but form clear questions like: I want to choose a random player out of all players - how to create a random number based on player amount? Here is what I tried:
Didnt work because E, F, G and H.
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