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Should offendings nicks be disallowed?
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Yes, no offensive nicks please!
5.56% (2)
No, allow offensive nicks!
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I don't care
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27.01.16 09:55:48 pm
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Hello, It's me, It is been months that I didn't log on back here.
Today, there is a big problem..
You mostly heard about censoring names.. badwords, I want to end this.. I mean this community is to talk, chat, have fun but mostly people are logging-on with sexual content nicknames.. I mean there is alot, if you just open Users page, write the name f***, you could easily see? I know maybe they are old accounts.. but they could be seen.. So there is many ways I could provide for the admin/mods...

(Don't forget that I'am not trolling, this is serious)

∗ Just some ways to end the carnage:

• Removing users with names that are used to offence innocent people, sexual content, badwords. (not banning, removing.. and by saying removing, i mean the account should not be seen by anyone, not appearing) and the player should be given a warn about this.

• Removing any comment that includes offence, badwords..
and the player should be given a warn..(as always tho)

• If a user had a normal username with no offence.. and with a offensive picture, only the picture should be removed and the player should be given a warn...
• If a player POSTED a thread, remove + warn..

And if you do not believe me, take a very known badword as I said in the first (i listed one already) go to the users page, paste the name and you are gonna see the plenty package of users that are there..

IMPORTANT: If you read this topic, and see any badwords like the one that I didn't finish at the very beginning, You have to remember that it is only an example.

Thank you for reading this.

OFF-TOPIC: Most of you recently see's that I post alot of stuff and comments alot.. It is my job here, i guess...
27.01.16 10:10:41 pm
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Honestly, I don't think that this is a good idea.

Censoring and removing users will only lead to people asking why is that happening, and possibly even lead to flamewars and whatnot. Also, I would say that there isn't really anything harmful at this site (except for my private messages, hehe), as mods do their work very well and deal with users that mock others accordingly.

Same goes for offensive pictures. It works, trust me, I tried that.

While you might find some accounts mildly offensive (geez, it's the Internet, don't take everything seriously), you might want to notice that these accounts were mostly made only for playing, so players didn't really want to think of something unique. And hey, most of them didn't even visit the forum.

People here are polite, so I don't see any problems here. Oh, and where did you see those people with sexual content nicknames? I browse this forum daily and I haven't see any, unless you consider Jela, Seekay, Simonas, Pseudon, Avobolt, Yates and many others to be very bad and very sexual.

So, uh, fuck that and move along, I guess?
27.01.16 10:13:51 pm
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user Inflexion has written:
It is been months that I didn't log on back here.

It's been under a month dude. I honestly stopped taking your post serious from this moment.

user Inflexion has written:
Today, there is a big problem..

I'll try and ignore this and hang on just a little longer. Maybe this thread goes somewhere which might be a cool idea.

user Inflexion has written:
You mostly heard about censoring names.. badwords, I want to end this..

Nope, you lost me. I'm out.

Alright dude, this thread is for you important, and I appreciate that, 10/10 hats off to you sir. But did you read what you posted? You are basically asking for moderators to do more work by stopping users taking offensive names, which by the way never post, just because you find search results when looking for them?

Come on! No one cares about a shitload of random people with crappy names because they don't post here anyway. Name me one person who has an offensive name, and I actually mean offensive. There are none! And the people who start shit storms get banned eventually. There is no problem with the community, it's actually pretty damn decent right now.
27.01.16 11:16:13 pm
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- About Nicks -
We are on the internet in the year 2016. You find much more offensive content... basically everywhere. I have to admit that this is a very weak point but it's a valid one nevertheless.

I agree that some nick names are not very nice but I don't think that they are so offensive that we need to change them. You should look at such nicks this way: "wow, look at the stupid nick of that poor guy!" and not like "that's so mean and offensive!". Laugh about those bad and stupid nicks. Don't feel offended because there really is no reason to feel offended.

We still have rules here though and when people misbehave we will care about it. So if someone calls himself user Fuck_You and then writes impolite stuff we will just ban him. But if he chooses this nick and behaves perfectly well then... well. It's okay for me.

Of course it's another thing if the nicks are targeted against certain people/groups. Nicks like user offensive_nick_name or user RaingoatTheFuckass are not tolerated.

This is my personal opinion though. What do the other guys think?
I added a poll! Please vote!

- About "bad words" in comments -
We accept them unless things go too crazy. There is also no rule which explicitly forbids bad words. There are a lot of rules to keep things fair anyway, like:
rules §3.1 - No Posts which offend/provoke/insult other people or groups (flame)
rules §4.1 - Use proper, understandable language and no dialects (and also no translation tools)

Even though bad words are NOT forbidden here I don't see a lot of them here. At least not in the forum. Most people who use insane amounts of them are not contributing anything useful anyway and get banned for spamming.

- Offensive avatars / user pictures -
Those are removed as soon as we spot them. According to our rules.
rules §1.3 - Pornographic contents of all sorts are forbidden
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28.01.16 01:22:06 am
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user DC, don't create another pain for yourself. Nobody cares about these nicknames and nobody should, basically.

Instead of banning people, you should implement such bans, that nobody sees banned person's messages except them, which is way worse than simply blocking account.
28.01.16 04:16:35 am
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How is "fuck" offensive? I would name myself AssholePenetrator and would that offend you? Would my nickname reach your anus through the internet?
Unless English really was your first language, it's stupid to discuss such a thing.
28.01.16 05:40:10 am
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whatever if you want atleast change badword includes nicks, you may be able to change their nick to:
RenamesUser_3, etc

anyway no one give a fuck about those who banned, like DC said @user offensive_nick_name: , but idk what feel ohaz when see someone just insultin him(and in the most cases this is just little retarded idiots and alot of ppls understand that simply ignore this bullshit).
But really atleast rename already banned and bad behaving users(with shitty nick) would be good i think.
/sorry for my shitty english.
28.01.16 06:26:45 am
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honestly,as you can see the poll..most people don't really care about the bloody 'offensive' names. And most people here can ignore it. Seriously @user Inflexion: stop making a huge problem which its not. There are rules, which will help the site.

Also, We have the best Moderators. Deal with it.

user DC has written:
@user omg: Actually a pretty good idea...
28.01.16 06:31:18 am
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Don't forget user OhazisPEDAL who thought I was a pedal.

But really, I couldn't care more. As user DC said, basically every damn page on the internet is more offensive than UnrealSoftware. There's offensive stuff everywhere. Just get used to not feeling offended.
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28.01.16 03:15:21 pm
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user Inflexion has written:
Today, there is a big problem..

Honestly, I don't see any dramatic situation and that shouldn't surprise you. Be thankful that US.de isn't a kind of a website where allows people to talk / post shit and offensive contents so I don't see what is the problem.

And since when nicknames with badwords such as "fuckass" became quite problematic? As long they haven't forum activity or don't post offensive / inappropriate contents there's no a problem. Or in case if someone tries to make a new account with your nickname and few badwords, your simply solution is by going forward and ignoring them because in the end they are just attention-whore seekers after all. It's not worth your time.
28.01.16 03:20:28 pm
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Is this an attempt to say "I can do stuff, make me mod" (cause you refer to what YOU can do) or are you genuinely believing that the current us.de situation with censoring is bad..?
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28.01.16 07:02:12 pm
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We have a code of conduct, and it's very easily summarizable:

Don't be an asshole.

Now, you will notice that our own code of conduct contains profanity, which should be a good indicator of our stance around this issue.

For what it's worth, we have consensus on what we believe constitutes "egregious cases" that warrants moderation, and we strive, to the best of our powers, to make the community as unconstrained as possible without having it devolve into a massive circle-jerk of outright flaming. However, there's very little case from our point of view to moderate language. They give little signal on whether someone is responding with profanity because that's just who they are or if that's what they do to call people out. At the end of the day, I believe that this is a moot point given that reasonable circumstances are subsumed by the "don't be an asshole" clause.
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