English Pirates of the Caribbean Online closing!

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Iv played pirates online here and there, but i never had the spare cash to have a membership, so never stayed long... but half a week ago i returned to it... and last night, unluckily for me... the announcers have just said that the games closing on September, 18th i think

This is crap, this was may favourite MMO around... mostly because of the great sea combat... and because i love Pirates of the Caribbean, the only game that had such awesome open world game play was Pirates of the Caribbean for GBA, so it was 2D but the game play definitely beat most of the games... just needed to be 3D

The only good that comes out of this, is that the game gives you a free membership, twice the loot, twice the XP, twice of everything actually...

Disney closes POTCO because of Disney Infinity... rip-offs.... just like EA, Sim City

Anyway, me and a friend are trying to recreate a game very similar to POTCO just without the online part, and without the Caribbean part (takes place in a non-existent island formation based on the Caribbean)

Well... i hope my game can fill the love i have for POTCO
...of course my games usually suck... for those that were around last year or so... but because i have a Programmer to his job, i can work on art more...

Well, anyway my game wont be around for at least a month.

Its called Sea Warfare... il post the first playable on UN

EDIT: ok now your just trolling... is this what UN is now days... Trolls... il take down the poll, you'r not taking it seriously after all... if there are better pirate related games, im all ears.
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And thats why I don't play server-side hosted MMO games like that game. Meh, most of them is pay-to-win. Just buy real games.
And about you creating a similar game, good luck. But I don't think you will complete it. I haven't played this game, but it sounds serious, which means they wasted a lot or some money on it. (Coders, Developers, GFX makers, etc..)
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