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19.05.13 02:56:26 am
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user Snark has written:
user Avo has written:
It seems strange, because I use GIMP for every gfx I make for CS2D and always works.

Player skin after editing with GIMP:

That's just lack of knowledge in digital photo retouching if you ask me. It's quite simple to remove a color from a image by using the built-in tools and of course after learning the program itself. I've actually taken courses in digital photo retouching and have no problem removing some things in images by using either Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, The GIMP nor other image editing software that exists out there on the magical interweb. It's amazing when you do understand it but of course you will not understand it if you complain that it doesn't work. When it clearly does work, it does what it's ment to do.

I've created many graphics using The GIMP and Adobe Photoshop and both are really useful tools whenever you're creating graphics, so yes there's no real indifference there obviously. Just wanted to make that clear to some of you who are not experienced with such tools, start learning how to use them and you'll become skilled one day at it.
02.06.13 03:21:15 am
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How to post a image [If you don't know how to]; Post image from your computer into any side [Example; Imgur] and get link of the image and put it between this code IMG:

Example of a picture;

Need anything more to explain?
02.06.13 08:51:22 pm
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You need to export your skin in GIMP in .bmp

> press Shift+Ctrl+E
> write file name and add .bmp file format then click Export
> Then in compatibility options you need to check that option!
> Click Export again
> Done, should work because in Stranded II .bmp base files must be exported in that way.
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