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02.07.21 11:29:41 am
Mami Tomoe
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@user DC:

cs2d lua cmd inentityzone: I see, understandable.
Unforunatly I wanted to be able to use those zones as rooms instead of having to do the rooms through Lua (which I consider slower to loop through rooms on the cs2d lua hook movetile hook, rather than just checking if the player is in the right room (with entity name) through one command.
But that's not a dealbreaker.

cs2d lua hook turretscan:
In that case, I suggest adding these two commands:
cs2d lua cmd hasinrange(x,y,range,type) -- Checks if a player is in range of a position.
cs2d lua cmd inrange(x,y,range,type) -- Lists the players in range.

This will make sure the players are close AND do not have a raycast wall between them and the position.
parameter can be used to specify if the players should be considered in range either raycasting everything (walls and obstacles) or only walls (obstacles won't count).

Another nice addition would be cs2d lua cmd isinside(sx,sy,x1,y1,x2,y2) so we can easily check if something is inside a room.

All of these are easily done with Lua, but that means they're also slower.

Currently, in order to achieve the same result, it's non practical in Lua, at least for heavy servers such as mine.

cs2d lua cmd closemenu(p)
Will close a player's menu, and call the menu hook with button 0 (cancel).

An option to enable pistol auto-fire when cs2d cmd mp_recoil is enabled? Something like cs2d cmd mp_pistols_auto_fire.

Can we have some kind of cs2d lua hook pre_connect hook? Or perhaps move the cs2d lua hook connect hook a bit earlier in the connection process?
There's many reasons to have that, one of which is that the cs2d lua hook leave hook can still be called even if the player never actually joined, and that shouldn't really happen IMO.
Also, there's more benefits to the cs2d lua hook connect hook actually get called when the player attempts to connect, rather than a few steps before the cs2d lua hook join hook.
There's a few more reasons, but if any of the developers are interested, I can explain the rest through PM/DM.

cs2d lua hook projectile_throw hook.
• player ID (0 if thrown by server (cs2d lua cmd parse))
• projectile ID
• weapon type ID

And possibly player rotation and position, to make the hook more efficient.

> 0 - default - continue as normal
> 1 - cancel - don't throw (will still consume the item (to not delay player throwing projectiles))

There's no way to receive a projectile ID using the cs2d lua hook attack hook, this would act as a workaround.

cs2d lua cmd stats(0, 'count') - Count of U.S.G.N. entries.
cs2d lua cmd steamstats(0, 'count') - Count of STEAM entries.
If that's too complicated, perhaps cs2d lua cmd statscount().
And, perhaps, cs2d cmd stats(0, 'table') and cs2d cmd steamstats(0, 'table') which will return all the accounts' IDs, as such:
     [1] = 99153,
     [2] = '76561198087950619'

Of course, the first entry should be the highest ranked player.
And then, using the respective functions, it would be possible to get the rest of the data, depending on what is needed.
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22.07.21 07:48:05 pm
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user 2Gen has written:
dynamic sounds (the sound source changes its position during playback)

Moreover, there's a bug: some sounds have poor stereo balance. For example, the RPG rocket sounds plays more loudly in the left ear piece than in the right.
You received a game ban because you seem to be a cheater. You are not able to log-in in-game anymore.
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