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06.08.11 07:16:43 pm
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I know you have many ideas, but have a look at mine.

Hey DC. I think the CS2D engine is awesome, but i saw myself in need of some more resources and here I show them to you, so you can, perhaps, include them in the next update.

1. Trigger_Twice
Works like the Once, but has to be pressed twice. Has 2 more funcs, too:
- Timing: The player need to press it twice in a period of time to make it work (example: 2 USEs in 1 second).
- Hierarchy: Different functions for the first time pressed and the second time pressed.

2. Trigger_Hierarchic
- Just like the Twice, but with more hierarchy levels (5 or more).
- Can be timed too. Is different from the Twice, cuz in the twice you can make something ONLY work if pressed twice; in the hierarchic, it will work allways, but different in every use.

3. Moving Sprites
- New function that allow the sprite to (SMOOTHLY) move in a certain direction, vith variable speed and range.
- Triggerable: you can trigger the movement without "un-trigger" the sprite.

4. NPCs
- This probably is already in your plans, but it would be nice to have more NPCs, like antlions, grunts, anyway HalfLife series stuff (and any other thing that seems cool )

5. Hostages with Weapons.
- Simple: hostages shoot Ts. When they are following they get a pistol (random pistol would be nice).
- Relatively Easy: Like bots, but they dont have the Radio, Search, Hunt, Melee or any other func like that. They just follow, shoot and reload when its out of ammo.
- Justice: If Hostages Vulnerable is set to NO, they dont get weapons.

6. Zombie Survivors Game Mode:
- Zombies attack hostages.
- Get the hostages to safety.

These are my ideas. Hope it work.
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06.08.11 07:18:11 pm
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There are so many Threads of Ideas for DC. He will ignor this.
06.08.11 07:25:39 pm
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there already is an idea thread (I don't care for which version your ideas are. this doesn't make any difference)

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