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07.11.09 01:26:16 pm
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i think almost everyone played Zombie Swarm,also i think everyone see a lot of bugs like when survivor died then zombie going over him barbed wires its dying!!! and respawning on same spot where it died!!! how to fix that?
also a bug with ct health ct have the same amount of hp for example as titan class or fat class should we hide class menu for survivors or something else?
∗Zombie Swarm∗ is good script(but this script has a lot of bugs,and only 1 people making it and he dont know a lot about lua scripting)
that why we need you help!!!
if you want help us go to http://www.cs2dcan.clan.su/
Zombie Swarm (the beginning)
the apocalypse begins
it happens in 2010 year
you got a gun
you got luck
you got wrench
but zombies got time to infect you
before tunnel door closed
you think huh zombies what they will do with them claws hug me?
no they dont have just claws they have snowballs!!!
ok i will be an iceman
ok you will be an iceman but problem is zombies is 100000
humans is 15
what? ok i will lock in the syper mart
this guy will die first!!!
when you will die?
or you will survive?
will see play on (CAN)(ZS)Zombie Swarm and try to survive
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09.11.09 03:20:40 am
Heartless Soldier
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We (can) kick ur ass haha nice slogan xd
24.03.12 09:54:36 pm
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i want to help you about zombie swarm 2d
Kgb2d Community - Since 2012
25.03.12 10:13:38 am
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I think Zombie Plague is pretty much the best zombie mod,
but oh well, good luck with this.

And shouldn't this be in the Mods section?
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