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18.07.21 02:21:51
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Ooooh yeaaah. Re-doing my old work part... Uh... Part Electric Boogaloo.

So, I can tell I'll already get comments about my spriting style, so I'll say it in advance, spare me wonder woman.
Matter of preference.

I felt like giving player gfx a shot again. I might make something new every few months or less, depends on how alive this game is going to be. Plus gives me a reason to actually do sprites every now and then.

√ Praise me.
√ Criticize, as long as it's creative. No fun if you say it's bad and don't explain why.
• Re-uploading is alright as long as I am credited as the author AND my permission has been given.
× Obv, don't be stupid, b a smarty, don't steal pixels.

Oh yeah, also, there's the old PMC sprites included in the zip. Have fun.
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18.07.21 18:37:49
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"You're pretty good!"
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