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132834ricky papiUser21.02.14 06:12:17 am3 Minutes agoAR - Argentina
171056raphamalucoUser12.12.17 03:10:21 am37 Minutes ago-
15476RainothModerator24.06.10 06:13:53 pm2 Hours agoLT - Lithuania
497ReaperUser13.05.05 11:47:59 pm3 Hours agoAT - Austria
75152RussenwolfUser10.09.11 03:00:42 pm4 Hours ago-
159531Radek885User06.05.17 11:13:05 pm5 Hours agoPL - Poland
170990rahv98User11.12.17 07:53:43 pm8 Hours ago-
170979redckluckUser11.12.17 06:52:32 pm9 Hours ago-
21531ReaxterUser28.08.10 02:33:24 am10 Hours agoAR - Argentina
107349ReVoltageUser16.10.12 12:39:04 pm12 Hours agoID - Indonesia
170913rexaaaaahhhhhUser11.12.17 02:04:35 am1 Day ago-
128091RealSenpaiUser27.10.13 11:45:05 am1 Day ago-
58538R44VUser27.04.11 02:52:33 am1 Day ago-
126536ricardowxUser17.09.13 02:40:24 am1 Day ago-
170836rrr1235User10.12.17 07:11:06 pm1 Day ago-
170829reisireisUser10.12.17 06:10:48 pm1 Day ago-
170415RoumzUser09.12.17 01:44:27 am1 Day ago-
170774Retr1butionUser10.12.17 03:00:47 pm2 Days ago-
170767rampant1018User10.12.17 02:46:18 pm2 Days ago-
119671Rattle189User06.05.13 09:40:50 am2 Days agoUS - United States
160311RUS_SoldierUser13.06.17 12:54:37 pm2 Days ago-
170620RaygisUser09.12.17 09:52:16 pm2 Days ago-
160711Ratare40User30.06.17 12:54:28 pm2 Days ago-
170728rebell4yourlifeUser10.12.17 10:27:38 am2 Days ago-
170699reddarkdragonUser10.12.17 05:22:00 am2 Days ago-
170695RexxarUser10.12.17 04:57:26 am2 Days ago-
170677RebornKarmaUser10.12.17 03:16:53 am2 Days ago-
170674ravile22User10.12.17 03:05:33 am2 Days ago-
170640Ru The Darkness LordUser09.12.17 11:34:33 pm2 Days ago-
170601RobodankUser09.12.17 08:59:17 pm2 Days ago-
170591RoqueUser09.12.17 08:36:47 pm2 Days ago-
170564Radik234User09.12.17 07:14:20 pm2 Days ago-
166681Realinstaller2xUser23.11.17 06:08:09 pm3 Days ago-
170430rmforgachUser09.12.17 04:53:07 am3 Days ago-
170424rvkehUser09.12.17 03:51:40 am3 Days ago-
1725Royal FlashUser05.04.07 02:08:22 pm3 Days agoDE - Germany
170375RiBeiRao69User08.12.17 10:00:34 pm3 Days ago-
170370Rudakoff46User08.12.17 09:45:28 pm3 Days ago-
3531rafarulezUser18.08.08 10:26:37 pm3 Days agoPT - Portugal
140450RhaastUser03.10.14 11:11:55 am4 Days agoPH - Philippines
170248Revvawer490User08.12.17 10:47:33 am4 Days ago-
23026renlo12User03.09.10 07:19:20 am4 Days agoPH - Philippines
85121R4nKF1v3User28.12.11 06:40:14 pm4 Days agoAR - Argentina
141510Reaper1-1User08.11.14 01:38:04 pm4 Days agoAT - Austria
170223RiCKoWennsUser08.12.17 02:56:28 am4 Days ago-
126189RoDr1GuesUser08.09.13 03:29:17 pm4 Days ago-
168317RyanGabrielXD2DUser29.11.17 08:55:20 pm4 Days ago-
170203renethieUser08.12.17 12:40:10 am4 Days ago-
170121Raf7703User07.12.17 05:30:37 pm4 Days ago-
158573Rapidxj65User25.02.17 07:17:08 am4 Days ago-
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