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156239L1nuxBANNED17.09.16 02:23:24 am3 Years ago-
158775L1or G4M3RUser12.03.17 06:16:06 am2 Years ago-
171737L1pstUser17.12.17 08:30:29 am2 Years ago-
14449L1pt0nUser02.05.10 10:50:35 am5 Years ago-
143280L1SBOAUser06.01.15 04:29:03 pm5 Years ago-
185031L1z4rDskYUser16.06.19 03:44:28 pm1 Month agoNO - Norway
121389l2ainforestUser09.06.13 07:23:04 pm4 Years ago-
59549l2bycsUser05.05.11 11:54:29 am8 Years ago-
57212L2HARKOMAHUser16.04.11 02:49:53 pm--
169673L30Pr0XPr0User05.12.17 01:37:05 am2 Years ago-
36004L31gtFad3User20.11.10 06:40:24 pm8 Years ago-
84433L337User19.12.11 04:20:33 pm--
89299L337GamerUser21.02.12 02:55:00 pm7 Years ago-
117148L33TUser18.03.13 09:42:15 am2 Years agoMY - Malaysia
50745L33T cachowUser26.02.11 02:18:18 am8 Years ago-
141368L33T SicarioxxUser03.11.14 07:58:37 pm5 Years ago-
53513l33t_4DM1NUser19.03.11 08:38:52 am6 Years ago-
56979L33tcs2Dmodd3rUser14.04.11 05:48:18 pm7 Years ago-
39099L33TF0xUser11.12.10 08:36:10 pm9 Years ago-
29588l33thaxUser09.10.10 04:30:47 pm8 Years ago-
77270L33TIMPUser30.09.11 05:02:46 pm--
43244L33tkillerUser08.01.11 09:37:31 am8 Years ago-
145510L33TMasterUser03.04.15 01:06:18 am4 Years ago-
97661l33ttankerUser12.06.12 09:55:48 pm--
4351L3g3NdCOMMUNITY BANNED02.11.08 04:14:43 pm10 Years ago-
110342L3gionTMUser01.12.12 03:30:49 pm7 Years ago-
141255L3gitUser31.10.14 10:26:29 am5 Years ago-
70912l3gol4sUser05.08.11 02:45:48 pm8 Years ago-
162787L3gyGam3r3User16.11.17 02:58:23 pm--
70270l3laaackyUser31.07.11 05:36:31 pm8 Years ago-
96800l3lackUser01.06.12 08:35:53 pm7 Years ago-
90603l3LacKkUser09.03.12 06:24:43 pm7 Years ago-
107960l3lackKnightUser26.10.12 01:08:34 pm7 Years ago-
36432l3lacky2User23.11.10 06:26:39 pm9 Years ago-
179255L3m0N3N3n3n3n3n3nUser03.06.18 07:12:36 pm1 Year ago-
84223L3MOND3MONUser17.12.11 06:23:20 am8 Years ago-
136562L3mooNUser10.06.14 06:35:43 pm--
166429L3nyUser22.11.17 08:42:38 pm2 Years ago-
64555L3O4User17.06.11 06:36:46 am8 Years ago-
4183L3P-M3User19.10.08 06:29:52 pm11 Years ago-
113065l3ul4xh4User10.01.13 09:47:04 pm--
124903L3XUser13.08.13 07:02:29 pm6 Years ago-
136516L3x0nUser09.06.14 04:23:31 pm--
136531L3xonUser09.06.14 11:32:33 pm--
135412L3xusUser03.05.14 12:32:34 pm--
42321L490User02.01.11 04:34:47 pm--
44308L4D2 IS MINEUser16.01.11 03:02:22 am9 Years ago-
76389L4D2_Nick_L4D2User21.09.11 11:14:23 pm8 Years agoPE - Peru
43209l4dlouis10User08.01.11 02:47:26 am8 Years ago-
66202L4g63RUser30.06.11 08:19:36 pm8 Years ago-
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