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I don't know if there are any zombie mod out there similar to my experience:

The thing is my most favorite CS2D server is a zombie server with a game play look similar to Left 4 Dead. It hosted somewhere in South East Asia around the year 2007. I don't remember exactly the name but there is a word "Simpson" in it.

What make it special is the class system.

There are different sets of classes for both T and CT. The CT classes seems to come from the sample classes code in the game files. And the T have something like Witches (With machete), Smoker (with gas grenades). Some have a sniper rife, some have chainsaw or infinitive snowballs.

But the scariest is what they call "the Tank". Back then it have 250 HP, 50% armor, very slow movement and a RPG Launcher. Every time me and my friend saw them, we just run like hell. Nobody stand a chance against that OP beast. That was fun!

It's very inspiring so I dug up the sample code in my PC and tried to manipulate it. I was 14 year old and inexperienced so I can only do so little.

I didn't give up. So I end up in the programming major and now after a few years of learning I can finally understand how to mod this game. Not only I can recreate the mod but also go further to adding more contents like progressing systems or skills and maybe boss zombies.

So what you think? Do you like a little bit more fast pace zombie mode with RPG element? Something with less hunkering down in a room and more of run and gun?

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Inspiring story sir! Unfortunately your screenshots don't work. Would love to see what you achieved
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My bad!
I will try uploading the images again then.
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