English Really fucking full this --CS2D Hanging.

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Hello everyone,

Some days ago, my PC hardisk corrupt and i lost my everything including my CS2D and all important things.

I Repair my PC and download CS2D again.

But i got problem when download new cs2d and open it.

its too hanging now and CS2D Picture really fucking full.
Even i can't play with this type of hanging.

I take a Screen shot, please check it.


Please help me
FRiendly boYy.
05.08.18 08:58:54 pm
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Is the issue you showed with a screenshot one and only or there are more issues than that?

Well, I'm just gonna guess about it, have you tried changing the resolution yet? It may fix it but not for sure.
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05.08.18 10:37:51 pm
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I see 4:3 instead of 16:9 ;v
05.08.18 11:17:54 pm
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reinstall drivers
06.08.18 06:38:00 pm
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Like user Gaios implied it would be advisable to run the game in its native resolution which is 16:9 (see graphics options). This is optional though.

Anyhow: It shouldn't look like that in 640x480 and it looks fine for me in the very same resolution. I bet you have a crappy Intel onboard GPU? Then the answer would be to either get a real GPU or to mess around with your drivers to somehow make it work.
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06.08.18 09:26:06 pm
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Me too
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