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I caught alot of players cheating with steam only. Is not related to us.de but how we have to deal with them? Somebody/something accepts proves (video) and banning these retards?

Today i saw above 5 guys on standard server. And all they used steam.
10.03.18 12:52:55 pm
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There is no "global" Steam ID ban system for CS2D by Unreal Software and I don't plan to change this. It's simply way too much effort to maintain this (checking requests, discussing with users, ...).

Also since CS2D is not a VAC game there are no Steam account bans via Steam.

You can however try to contact the server owner/admin of the server where the cheating happened and request a ban on that particular server. Of course it's up to the owner/admin however how he'll deal with that.
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10.03.18 01:18:35 pm
Well, i know that's not related to us.de and i mentioned it already.

I've got the answer. Actually, dont see this topic useful anymore. Thanks
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