English CS2D's biggest 5x5 tournament

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14.09.17 12:35:34 pm
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Hello world,

It’s crazy to think how far CS2D has gone thanks to community’s efforts: custom maps, skins, scripts, and even massive 5v5 tournaments. These elements have always been at the center of contributors’ attention. Other important aspects, however, were ignored; such being the way we inform people about our tournaments. If you ever tried following any competitive event, chances are it was a pain in the ass – nothing but forum threads with dozens of pages filled with off-topic and flame. Somewhere in the thread was the match score, and in some other place – link to the VOD, if any. This was no proper way to treat interested viewers and players… And today we have a fix for that.

It's no secret our community is kind of divided into "casual" and "competitive" players. I personally see no reason for that, just like I see no difference between our communities. While it is true that we prefer different maps and different gamemodes, we are all the same when it comes to loyalty and dedication to this game. Despite our differences, we all make CS2D devs smile when they think that so many great projects and relationships grew out of a little fun game released back in 2004.

We present you the ICC v10 infopage – a neat website which functions as the hub for all ICC-related information.
“Overview” section presents a welcoming article describing CS2D’s competitive side.
“Teams” section provides the info about ICC’s teams and their rosters. (Hover over to a team to see the info about it)
“Matches” section contains all matches data (i.e. teams, map, score, VOD), links to streams, plus informs the viewer about the upcoming games.
“Positions” section informs us about the latest tournament standings.
“History” section tells us about ICC’s past editions and their respective finalists.

At its core, my idea was to make things easier for all players interested in CS2D’s competitive aspects. We talk a lot about how CS2D should adapt to Steam (e.g. the long-awaited competitive mode), yet we ignore such simple features like an accessible and informative website. Essentially, this is the infrastructure for players to connect with each other. We can only hope that it will be a good contribution to the game.
Thanks to the talented people who worked on this project: united (website coding & development), Milriko (ICC administration), Kontradmiral (additional graphics), GSG9 (website hosting), and all PCS staff and users who provided their feedback and support!

16.09.17 02:45:57 am
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wow, nice

i think there should be an official youtube page too (and post replays of the matches)

oh im stupid, they are there, i just didnt see them
will code for food
16.09.17 07:07:31 am
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here we go again √
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16.09.17 08:31:11 pm
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Sk gaming vs Wings match coming soon
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