Englisch CS;GO Thread for Unreal-Software

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Do you rush :
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or eating cyka gambergers :ugly:
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12.09.17 20:19:21
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user Ma7moud YouTu6er hat geschrieben:
@user Yates: if you dont like it ignore it no need to waste your time if you think its bad.

user Ma7moud YouTu6er hat geschrieben:
@kids go home , i laught when i see my haters rages by disliking my videos

You're calling us kids, yet you're clearly the minor here. Are you even old enough to buy a beer yet?
Back on topic; okay, so we're haters because we dislike your bad content, therefore our opinion doesn't matter and you laugh at it. What if we liked it? We'd be "likers" and then it would matter to you? Grow up and learn to take criticism like a real man. If it's shit, it's shit. You learn with it and improve. If you keep this whole "they are haters because they don't like my stuff" mentality you won't go far once puberty ends for you. Think of it more like "they are criticising and letting me know what's bad, I learn with it and improve the bad". It's that simple.
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