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01.08.17 03:50:13 pm
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Hello guys! We opened a small project for hosting free servers for CS2D
Since: 07/04/17

Why Free Hosting?
We are learning about game hosting and want to perfect ourselves so that in the future we can offer better service

Server features;
√ Server operating system: CentOS 7
√ Administrative you server with restart button and start server and also FTP
√ Firewall Protection
√ Servers are available in Italy
√ We guarantee 99% uptime
√ We do not pass information and passwords to third parties
√ There is no time for server validity! If you do not like it you can send a message to us
√ Number of available servers: 10
• Your server does not go online for 72h it is automatically canceled. Why this new measure? We want people who need, this server. (Your server needs to be online) And if after 3 days the server does not start it will be restored and its files will be deleted.

Some pictures

Requirements for approval of your server;
√ Send a private message to the account of our moderator: 65783 and type yes I want a server. An account that is more than 1 year old registered in the USGN community is required
√ Create an account in the forum:
√ A person with two servers is not allowed
√ It is not allowed to make multiple accounts in the forum
√ If you need more disk space, let administrators know! Disk space is restricted to 90MB
√ Answer the topic in the other forum with the following example:
• Why do you want a server ?
• What is the specific use of the server ?
• What is the reason for asking the server?

∗ After verification and approval your server will be activated in 5 minutes! Wait for our administrators to submit your account. New terms or updates will not be passed on to the server owners. You need to read news posted in the admin panel and also in the forum

We had to change some things and update some terms. Unfortunately, we had to ban some users who were requesting 2 servers per user (this is forbidden). These terms apply from today.

If you have questions or suggestions, please reply to this topic.
01.08.17 04:28:31 pm
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thread cs2d [Project] Free hosting server for CS2D

This is an exact duplicate and should be trashed.

Edit: Lol that's you. Good job.
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