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09.06.17 04:11:06 pm
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Hi! I bought the DVD, and here's what I found there:

Arises the question, is it legal?
09.06.17 04:13:49 pm
Assassin moder
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Should be fine, I've started playing Stranded I by installing it from magazine CD.
Anyway, I am too lazy to search now for license

Wait a minute, there is a lot of products under special licenses which require buying games, I didn't saw that because I focused on Stranded II. And yeah, that's illegal.
09.06.17 04:18:11 pm
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If the CD comes with game setups installation you can do a scan on Stranded 2 if it contains malware or rogue stuff.

Still I'd recommend 100% to download the game from the official Stranded website to avoid any trouble. You can't always trust these vendors who sell CDs with games in it.
09.06.17 04:36:56 pm
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What exactly is the name of the DVD? Who distributes this DVD and where? I don't think that I signed a contract with them.

Stranded II is licensed under a Creative Commons license https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/de/deed.en which states that it's not allowed to sell it.

So if this DVD is sold it's not legal. It's no fun to see other people making money with your hard work.
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