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29.05.17 07:02:28 pm
Hi, firstly I've tried many common attempts to fix this issue by reading information inside CS2D and on the CS2D site.
I've also searched in many old topics for no use, I couldn't fix this issue.

CPU: Intel Pentium E5700 (Dual Core @ 3.00GHz)
RAM: 2GB (Probably DDR2)
System type: 32 bit
GPU: None (Intel HD Graphics), note that Aero works but it is turned off.
OS: Windows 7 Professional

Both CS2D and CS2D Dedicated return me that error when started in their relative consoles:
U.S.G.N.: Timeout. Failed to get version info.

Things I have done:
Reinstalling CS2D in a completely different folder
Completely disabling the built in Windows Firewall
Completely disabling the built in Windows Defender
Restarting the PC several times

Things I have found out
Pinging (using CMD) both
returns true (connection works)
I can connect to the U.S.G.N. website using chrome (usgn.de)

It seems as if only CS2D client and dedicated does not work.
It also seems like this error occurs every now and then and I don't know how to fix it.

Help will be great.

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29.05.17 07:10:21 pm
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What does
say when you enter it in your console?

Do you have any other "security"/firewall software on your PC which might block something?

The U.S.G.N. uses UDP, this is different from websites which use HTTP over TCP. It's even possible that your ISP blocks non-standard UDP messages and therefore makes it impossible to use the U.S.G.N.

What ISP do you use? How do you connect to the internet? Did the U.S.G.N. work before? If yes, what changed since then?
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29.05.17 07:22:51 pm

Straight from the console

No other software is installed and I've actually uninstalled quite a few trying to solve this

I use chrome to connect to the internet and the U.S.G.N. did work today for like 30 minutes and then stopped again, this only started occurring a few days ago but a lot less frequent. Nothing unusual has changed, PC was untouched for a long time.

And talking about the ISP, I really hope it wont come to that since I don't really have a way to explain them what is CS2D and what ports and stuff do...
29.05.17 08:40:40 pm
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I got the same problem here in Germany. So it's probably not the fault on your system or from your connection. Everything works fine for me except CS2D. Can't login into my US Account ingame and can't connect to servers.
29.05.17 08:48:12 pm
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It looks like there were downtimes recently but for me it's working right now (and it's also working for some other players)

@user Goo: Hm.. okay. Everything seems to be fine with your settings. You can try to verify if CS2D is allowed to use UDP in general. You could connect manually via IP (or cached serverlist) to a server.

You can go to the U.S.G.N. web serverlist and see by clicking if a server is currently online and responding to UDP info requests (note that the info request is sent via the webserver and not via your webbrowser so this can't be used to check if the UDP connection works from your PC - it's only to see the server status because the list may contain "dead" servers).

If connecting does not work from within CS2D there's something blocking the connection somewhere between your CS2D client and the CS2D server.

If connecting DOES work.. well.. then I don't really know why the U.S.G.N. isn't working.
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29.05.17 09:57:28 pm
Yeah but I'm trying to host servers not play servers...
Using IPs from www.cs2d.com/servers does not work but the chat on the main menu does work.
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29.05.17 10:08:40 pm
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You need to have opened ports in your router, pc and internet provider.
29.05.17 10:10:03 pm
That doesn't really make any sense, I've never changed any port settings and the problem only occurred a few days ago...
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