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21.04.17 09:48:18 am
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Hello guys, i just need script if we clicked on HUDImage, we will get menu

HUDImage Example:
HUDImage = image('gfx/test.png',340,450,2)
Menu Example:

Sry for my bad english
21.04.17 11:18:47 am
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You can use file cs2d VisualLua [v1.3] (59) as framework.
Maybe I will publish my OOP Visual Lua, but who knows.
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21.04.17 11:26:07 am
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You will need cs2d lua cmd reqcld , cs2d lua cmd image , cs2d lua cmd menu at least.
You spawn your image with the image command.
You can check if someone shoots with the cs2d lua hook attack hook.
Then you check the mouse position with cs2d lua cmd reqcld and check if they are on the position of your image.
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21.04.17 11:53:46 am
Use cs2d lua cmd reqcld to get mouse position and use cs2d lua hook attack to show the menu when you clicking on position of the button image area
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21.04.17 01:26:14 pm
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... or you can equip player lasermineor mine to use cs2d lua hook buildattempt
So if your player equip knife or claw or wrench then you can use 2 hooks (cs2d lua hook attack or cs2d lua hook attack2 or cs2d lua hook buildattempt) for right or left click on screen
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