English Guys join my server!

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16.04.17 10:50:58 am
1Kill 1Shot
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I created new Server |Tibia|By 1Kill 1Shot| If you join you will get admin

Third only
Hello,i am youtuber named SkullT i make Gaming and Gameplay Vid! Sub me please.
16.04.17 10:55:39 am
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Advertising servers in the forum is prohibited as per the thread cs2d !!! No Server Advertisement !!! and rules §5.2 - No advertisement, ref-links, clan threads and forum games . Keep in mind the "Servers" forum entry is for troubleshooting and assistance for server-issues related.

The thread gets trashed + temporary ban.
Running CS2D in ReactOS like a boss | Good ol' music | WARNING: I'll only accept cheater reports from people which I trust.
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