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13.01.17 18:21:21
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I want hotkeys if there arent any. Hotkeys are a big livesaver.

Maybe some television or camera? Like in Hammer (If you would implement source sdk features that would be kinda funny) where you have a camera entity with flags like how big big is the spectate angle is, etc. Then you have a special texture that is the screen.

Or like a bullet screen wall - 2 walls which simulate the shots so if you shoot on the first wall, the second wall will have a bullet flying out of it with the same angle and bullet type etc vice versa.

On this way, you could make a competitve teleportal. Because you can see the screen behind the teleporter and shoot it to hurt them.
That is my most missed feature
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27.01.17 07:20:33
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id rather say the one thing cs 2d's map editor is lacking, is a proper way to animate objects, such as moving dynamic walls and images, like a script where you have to create a pathway and insert an ammount of time for it to get from A to B.

but thats just me. i dont find the current sound system bad at all.
13.03.17 05:24:10
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so when i set some entity to trigger somthing, even if its not a "Trigger_" entity,i want it to trigger what ive set it to trigger, for example, ive set the info_CT to trigger a Func_MSG, how does it work? whenever someone spawns, the message plays (altough, this could be done by adding a "Play at beggining of the round" option), and when put the same name to two different entities, both should be activated, like for example, i press a button that self destructs a facility on the map, i want that button to trigger a timed explosion (using Delay entity, altough a delay option for the Env_Explode would be really nice) and a message, warning the player of the facility's destruction, and regarding the MSG entities,it would also make it easier to be able to trigger it by standing or walking on it.
thats all, and if possible,altought not related to the trigger function, i would love to be able to switch tileset, while still having the map i was using and if posible having the old tiles to still be on the map, plus some mini tutorial option so that players dont have to search a lot to find info of how a entity works.
13.03.17 10:54:18
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@user Bowlinghead:
There are some hotkeys for the editor
Readme.txt hat geschrieben:
Editor Hotkeys:

- W/A/S/D or Cursor Keys: Scroll map
- Home/Pos1: Scroll to tile 0|0
- G: Enable/Disable tile grid
- Del (while pointing at entity): Remove entity
- Ctrl + C (while pointing at entity): Copy entity
- Ctrl + X (while pointing at entity): Cut entity
- Ctrl + V: Paste copied entity to current mouse position
- Ctrl + Z: Undo latest action(s) (tile operations only)
- Shift (hold while resizing sprite): Keep w/h ratio
- Space (hold): Show areas, trigger relations, tile modes/modifiers
- 1: Distance tool
- 2: Path distance tool
- 3: Pathfinder tool
- 4: Tile blender tool
- F12: Test map (also works in-game to return to editor)

@user WassapDude94: Not all entities can trigger things. For some it doesn't make sense. But you're right, it probably makes sense to give some more entities trigger abilities.

You can enter multiple entity names in the trigger field. Simply separate them with commas:
A trigger field containing
for instance will trigger all entities with the names a, b or c.

Also if you have multiple entities with the same name, the game will trigger all of them.
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