Englisch HUDTXT Player Joined?.

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11.01.17 11:12:57
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Hi, Sorry for my Dumb Title .

But, i need your Help.
- How to make HUDTXT That Tell us MaxPlayer & Player Joined on Another Servers?.

Example, i have 2 Servers. lest named A and B.
and Player Join A Server, When they Pressing F2 or Type Command !server Message tell us Name Server B and Max Player on Server B. E.X(Server 1: Test Server 2 [10/32 Players]).

Thanks, and sorry for my English
11.01.17 12:14:01
Prototype x20
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I recommend to use Python for extracting data from database (http://www.cs2d.com/servers.php)

Like this:
file cs2d [PHP] Stats:Extract [0.6] (13)
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