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Hi, USGN community.

I would like to share a script which setups everything to run a CS2D server.

> How to install
First, you must connect to your VPS with putty for instance. Then log in as root and creates a directory for your server then follow the following commands.

> Commands
1. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/codneutro/cs2d_installer/master/cs2d_installer.sh
2. chmod +x cs2d_installer.sh
3. ./cs2d_installer.sh

From now you can configure your server (sys/serverinfo.txt and sys/server.cfg).
Then switch back to the current user instead of root.

> How to run your server ?
screen -dmS server ./cs2d_dedicated

> How to stop your server ?
screen -S server -X quit
30.11.16 01:15:06 am
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It's explicitly stated on cs2d.com that you shouldn't run your cs2d server as ROOT.
Because when your server is hacked then the attacker can literally tear apart the whole VPS
30.11.16 08:17:52 am
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Also nobody wants to run your script as root. Running it as a user requiring elevation is better.
https://ohaz.engineer - Software Engineering
30.11.16 05:19:09 pm
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Fairly sure mostly lazy people would use this auto installer anyway. Don't get me wrong, it is nice that you want to contribute something for the community, but learning stuff step-by-step is always recommendable. Thus you'll build your understanding of Linux/Bash commands, their use and how you should use them, etc.
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