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us nreal Software - Official CS2D Server

Hello,i coming to send guys a server.I think the server is for you to ping high.Because my from in Indonesian so i created the server for all the game at CS2D.So help me i want guys comes to my server and likes my file upload.Invite me at Facebook likes my all i have in my Facebook.

My Facebook :

Farayya Kaya Pb Cool

Official Web/Blog Gamer Portable122 :

>> gamerportable122.blogspot.com <<

My Gmail :

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Thanks for the Commant ~
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16.03.14 10:20:49 am
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It's not official because a player is hosting it. You're just advertising a server which is against the rules I think. Please keep the server to yourself as nobody goes to server where they have 250 ms ping. Thanks.
16.03.14 12:09:12 pm
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I agree. It's not legit to call your server Unreal Software Official Server. The server is neither hosted by Unreal Software nor official.
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