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15.11.13 06:00:32 pm
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3 months ago i deleted carnage contest because i was formatting my hard drive. i had an older computer in that time, but carnage contest worked perfectly.

today i installed CC again on a NEWER computer and frame skipping is bothering me...
whatever i try, changing the options, lowering details, it wont stop frame skipping! i want to play CC with my friend...

i get to the main menu and when i hold TAB frame skipping goes x1, all the way to x5 (fps 1-10), but the first 10 seconds, fps 84 - 90... why does CC think my computer is bad -.-

so is there any way to disable frame skipping so it works good?

i really wanna play this again because it was fun playing and downloading all the wonderful mods other scripters made...
15.11.13 06:30:16 pm
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Just try to start it in openGL mode:
Rightclick the exe -> Create Shortcut.
Rightclick the shortcut -> Properties.
If the value in the target is not in quotation marks, put some around it.
behind the quotation marks at the end of the Target. Take care not to forget to put a space in between!
It should look like this:
"C:\Games\CarnageContest\CarnageContest.exe" -opengl
Click on OK and start the shortcut.
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15.11.13 06:47:47 pm
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its the same...
im thinking of the time when i was used to play it i think i saw a direct3D launcher... and i always used to play the game through it... maybe cause of that? or something...
im not sure...

EDIT: nah forget it, there is not a direct3d launcher... i thought there was... but i did what you said ohaz and it didn't work.
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